All That I Need

Monica is an 18 year old who is about to start her senior year of high school, and when her friends ask her what she wants for a graduation present at the end of the year, she says that all she wants is to take a trip to England. But she knows this is a farfetched dream because even though her family isn't poor there is no one they can afford to pay for a trip for her to go to England. Seeing how disappointed she is her four best friends Andrea, Bryan, Mike, and Grace all plan to save all the money they can from the beginning of the their senior year until they can purchase the tickets so they can all go to England. When they arrive in England Monica finds herself being the 5th wheel & spending numerous hours of the day alone. Who will she meets? & Will her life ever be the same? (By the way there is swearing and things do get pretty sexual so if your not into reading that kind of stuff, I wouldn't read this :] ) Thank You xx


3. Apple Store

As I approached the all black, SUV limo I couldn't help but start to feel really nervous. I mean who could blame me? I was about to get in a limo with one direction, for Christ's sake! Niall kept his hand on the small of my back until we got to the limo, a short light skinned me with medium length brown hair opened the door for me "Thank you" I half whispered.

"Your welcome miss" he smiled, showing me all his teeth. After I climbed into the limo, and was completely seat Niall climbed in. Why did he wait till I had sat down? Hm. That was kind of odd. 'Probably just being a gentlemen.' I thought. After Niall climbed in and sat next me, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and then finally Harry all climbed at took a seat. The man that had opened the door for all of us, closed it behind Harry and then made his was to the front of the limo and hopped in the drivers seat.  

"So Monica," Louis started, looking quizzingly at me. And I knew he was about to start asking me a ton of question weather they were embarrassing or not. "Got a boyfriend?" He sang the word boyfriend like all the girls used to do when they were five and thought boys had cooties.

"No Louis, I do not have a boyfriend." I laughed. "But I know you have a girlfriend!" I stuck my tongue out at him. The rest of the boys started laughing. Louis just looked at me and took his chin in between his thumb and index finger and started to rub his chin. It made me laugh just watching him.

"Well played," he said trying to hold back a laugh. We kept up this childish banter for another 15 minutes with him asking me whatever random question that popped into his head, and me answering him. We were about 10 minutes away from the apple store when Louis turned to me and said, "What one of us is your favorite?"

"What?" I asked confused.

"You know," he said. "Ever fan has a favorite boy in the band, like the one they think is cutest. Who's yours?" I honestly had no idea how to answer this question or even if I wanted to. I looked around at all the boys and all of them were looking at me. I must have turned the color of a fire truck because Harry spoke up.

"Lou! Don't put her on the spot like that! Its not good manners!" he says pointing a finger at Louis and shaking it up and down like he's a father scolding his child.

"Oh shush Harry! You're only saying that because its going to be you! Because all the girls just loveeeeee Harry Styles!" Louis said

"No Harry, its alright I don't mind," I finally spoke up, Harry nodded his head at me and smiled as if to say you can do it. "Actually, to be 100% honest," I pause and look at both Harry and Niall who are staring at me. "It's kind of a tie between two of you."

"WHAT?" Louis yelled. "A tie? Whole shit! I have never heard of a tie between two of us before, this has to be one direction history!" Louis sounds and looks so serious. But I cant help but laugh. "Am I funny to you love?" he asks hiding his smile. I smile back at him.

"Yes, actually. Very." I chuckle and the other boys do too.

"So who's the tie between?" Louis asked changing the subject. I really didn't want to say but I guess they had a right to know. Just as I got the courage to answers Louis question, the brown haired man driving stopped the car and got out of the drivers seat. A feeling of pure relief washed over me. "This isn't over yet." Louis said while grinning at me before the man opened the car door and started to let us out. When I stepped out of the car I was blinded by paparazzi and deafened by screaming girls. Someone grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into the store when my eyes finally adjusted on the figure I realized it was Harry. I hadn't realized how much taller her was then me until now. We were standing hand in hand at the front of the apple store, the other boys hand wondered off to play with some new mac they had just released. I was looking up at Harry and he was looking down at me shining his award winning smile that showed off his dimples, I smiled back at him. Still holding my hand Harry walked me over to a worker, who took care of me as soon as I said what I needed because I was with Harry.

When we finally finished at the apple store, and I had me new phone, Harry pulled me back towards the limo. Harry hadn't let go of my hand the whole time we were in the apple store. I had butterflies in stomach the whole time because of it. As we reached the car I was scared Louis was going to ask that question again. But he didn't. Instead when we got to the car Harry hopped in and then I did sitting in between him and the door this time. When I took my brand new iPhone out of the box I could have kissed it. But before I could even do that Louis grabbed my brand new phone. He was typing something. "Louis, what are you doing?" I asked confused.

"Putting in my number duhh!" he replies back.

"Me next!" Niall says from the other side of the limo.

"Then me!" Liam and Zayn say at the same time and start play arguing with each other. I look up at Harry who's already looking down at me.

"Ill put my number in last," Harry smiles, and then he grabs my hand. I had to be dreaming. There is not way in hell that this could be real.

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