All That I Need

Monica is an 18 year old who is about to start her senior year of high school, and when her friends ask her what she wants for a graduation present at the end of the year, she says that all she wants is to take a trip to England. But she knows this is a farfetched dream because even though her family isn't poor there is no one they can afford to pay for a trip for her to go to England. Seeing how disappointed she is her four best friends Andrea, Bryan, Mike, and Grace all plan to save all the money they can from the beginning of the their senior year until they can purchase the tickets so they can all go to England. When they arrive in England Monica finds herself being the 5th wheel & spending numerous hours of the day alone. Who will she meets? & Will her life ever be the same? (By the way there is swearing and things do get pretty sexual so if your not into reading that kind of stuff, I wouldn't read this :] ) Thank You xx


5. A night out

The rest of the limo ride was basically going over details for that night. Where we would go, what time we would go, and how we were getting home. After everything was finalized I texted Andrea and Grace to give them the details. Their boyfriends and them had almost imminently agreed. When we pulled up to the hotel I was staying at, the boys climbed out and walked me in to the hotel. Luckily there wasn't any paparazzi yet. "see you later!" I called over my shoulder to the five gorgeous boys standing there looking at me as they smiled and waved goodbye. Once I was finally in the elevator I let out a sigh of relief. 'Oh thank god I didn't die' I thought to myself. When the elevator got to my floor I practically ran to my room, I had exactly 2 hours and 15 minutes to get ready for tonight. When I slid my card key in my door I almost screamed when I saw Andrea and Grace sitting on the little couch in my room.

"Holy Shit! Are you trying to fucking kill me?" I ask as I rush past them an into my room to pick out an outfit. But there was already an outfit on my bed. "I'm guessing you guys picked out my outfit for tonight?" I laughed as I picked up the dress. It was black and strapless with a sweetheart neckline, that only came to about mid thigh. "What no shoes?" I called out from my room.

"On the floor to the right of your bed!" Grace yelled. I looked exactly where she said to and she wasn't lying. They actually picked out my shoes to, I laughed at how awesome my friends where. The shoes were a pretty pick suede stiletto. I had to say, this outfit was way better than the one I was thinking of.

"Try it on and let us see!" Andrea called out. I quickly changed into the dress and heels and walked out into the living room area.

"Yup. That's perfect." Grace said eyeing me up and down. Then she looked at Andrea who sat there grinning.

"Now for her hair and makeup," she said as she jumped up and grabbed my wrist and pulled me into the bathroom before I could protest. 

Grace curled my hair with my straightener, while Andrea did my makeup covering my face with cover up, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara. When they were finally done they spun me around to let me look at myself.

When I looked in the mirror I couldn't help but gasp. It felt like they had done so much to me I was afraid I was going to look like a hooker, but I didn't. My hair was wavy and falling perfectly passed my shoulders. My makeup was just the right shade, I had blush on but I didn't look like a clown I just looked like I was slightly blushing, and my eye makeup was beautiful. Andrea had only used brown eye shadows to bring out my blue eyes, and with the eyeliner she gave me a slight cat eye, and my eyelashes were long and had the right amount of thickness to them. "Wow." I whispered "Thank you guys, I love it" I smiled at both of them in the huge mirror. They both kissed me on the cheek and said their goodbyes as they went to go change and get ready. I looked at the clock. Only 62 more minutes. I felt the butterflies in my stomach get stronger. I walked over to the full body mirror on the back of my hotel door to see the completed looked. The dress hit all my curves perfectly. My boobs looked their natural size, a C. My butt looked great (those squats really were helping). And my hips dipped in to give me an hour glass figure. To be honest, this outfit was saying many things.

1. I'm fun

2. Lets get drunk

3. Lets dance

4. I just want to have fun

but the last thing it said was the most important yet nerve racking one...

5. Fuck me.

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