This is my first time writing a story on movellas so please don't judge :)
Niall horan fanfiction


2. Nandos

Authors Note- Sorry if my spelling or grammar is wrong :P Also I don't live in Ireland or England, I live in Canada so I may forget the differences and I don't know many places there either!

I also may not update very often cause im busy with swimming and school but i will try to update as often as i can!

Thanks for reading and understanding and I hope u enjoy :)


<<<Annabella's POV>>>

I open my bright blue eyes to the blaring sound of my purple alarm clock. Ugh, today was my 18th birthday, it was 8 and I had work at 9. I hate my birthday, I don't like having a ton of attention on me but I loved working at Nandos. Also since I chose not to go to college my parents are making me move out tomorrow.

I pulled myself out of bed, yawning and stretching and slowly went into my bathroom. Yup, MY bathroom, my parents are so obsessed with their jobs and money they're like work-o-holics so I have a huge bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet. I stripped out of my old shorts and dance t-shirt, turned on the shower and hopped in. As I washed my hair and body I tried to relax and forget about the world. 15 minutes later.....

I quickly stepped out of the shower and wrapped a big fluffy towel around my soaking wet body, and dried myself off. I walked back into my room, into my walk in closet and grabbed a pair of bra and underwear, a purple sweater from American Apparel, my Nandos uniform which consists of black skinny jeans, a black polo with the Nandos chicken logo on it and changed. Then I threw some socks, a jean jacket and my Nandos hat on, grabbed my phone from the charger, a pair of headphones and headed downstairs. I took an apple and read a note that my parents left saying they were on a business trip for a month. They were always gone away on business trips. I quickly text Sydney asking if she was going to work today and saying we needed to talk about me moving in with her tomorrow. Sydney and were best friends since preschool, were there for each other through EVERYTHING. I ran out the door into my purple scooter, (, plugged my headphones in, and drove off to Nandos. When I got to Nandos I found a parking spot really close to the entrance, parked and walked inside. "Heyy Leah!" Leah my boss, she's actually really nice and not really old like my last boss at KFC who was like 60 years old. "Oh hey Annabella. Happy Birthday! Today I'm gonna get you working at the cashier okay?"

"Thanks and sure. Have you seen Sydney?" I asked as I put on an apron.

"No I think she sent a note in saying she was sick today." Leah said worryingly.

"Okay thanks" i replied and walked behind the cashier and got the next person in line.

"Hi how can i help you?" i said cheerfully looking up to find a boy with a pair of sunglasses and hood up. His blonde hair was sticking out through his hood and when he was looking down you could see he had blue eyes.

"Oh here you go love," he says with his thick irish accent handing me a sheet of paper. I look down to see about 10 different meals. I try and type it into the cash register quick. "Sorry about that. That will be 43.68 please. Oh and sign here and here also," I say showing him where to sign on the reciet. He takes off his sunglasses and I can finally see his face. I find myself getting lost in his sparkling blue eyes and charming smile as he waits for his food. Since there is no one else in line, I just stand be cash register. When his food comes I ask him quickly,"do you want your reciet?" "No thanks, goodbye love," replies the boy walking away. As I go to throw out the reciet I notice he wrote something else on it: 659-2385 Look upxx (Fake/Random number) I look up to see him winking at me with his hand by his ear mouthing call me.


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