This is my first time writing a story on movellas so please don't judge :)
Niall horan fanfiction


1. Annabella May Rose

Hi my name is Annabella May Rose you can call me Anna, Bella, Belle or Annabella NOT Anne or Ann

Facts about me :

Favorite color: purple

Birthday : May 22, 1995 (17 years old)

Fav. animal : koalas

<3 FOOD - Nandos

Mathew and Tyler are my twin brothers - 20 years old

Vanessa (Nezza) is my 15 year old sister

-I love to draw, dance, sing (only when i'm alone), play piano, and go shopping

-i love One Direction (for their music), Coldplay, Taylor Swift, The Script, Justin Bieber, Drake, Little ,ix and a lot more

-i am a brunette but sometimes i die my hair blonde or a lighter brown but its naturally curly/wavy and goes to about my stomach, i'm kinda skinny, big feet and hands, clear skin, and blue eyes

ME >;_ylt=A0PDoS3dCiRR.FcAEJuJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTBlMTQ4cGxyBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1n?


-I live in County Westmeath, Mullingar, Ierland I also work at Nandos!




-sorry about the rlly long url but i wanted to put the picture in there

-I know a lot of people don"t put these in but i wanted to let people know some stuff about her before you read on (hopefully :P)

-PLEASE DON'T JUDGE ME - ITS my first movella

thank you



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