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Niall horan fanfiction


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<<Niall's POV>>


As I walk out of Nandos, I notice no fans around and I make my way to the van thinking about that girl.

"What took you so long mate?"

"Oh nothing..." I mumbled blushing bowing my head.

"Did you meet a girl?!"

When I didn't answer they knew I did - "He did! He did!!"

"Did you get her name or number?"

The boys kept asking me all sorts of questions while we drove back to my flat. I finally told them about everything that happened at the restaurant when we got inside. With her long wavy brown hair, perfect body and irresistible bright blue eyes that I could so easily get lost in them, she was just gorgeous. It had been a while since I had a girlfriend and I think this is love as first sight. I know I only met her but I needed to make her mine. But I don't think she knew I was in a world-wide famous boy-band and I wanted to keep it that way. I just hopped she would call or text me.


<<Annabella's POV>>


"As soon as the boy walked out the door, I threw the recite away. 'Sure he was cute with those bright blue mesmerizing eyes that I could get lo- Bella no No NO you have a boyfriend don't you dare go and think you like another guy. Back to my boyfriend, Davin. He had brown hair that went into a small quiff hairstyle and icy blue-grey eyes. He was pretty hot. We met 2 months ago when Sydney set us up. Ever since, we've been going strong. He was so sweet, caring and funny. He was the dream boyfriend and I think I'm in love with him.' I quickly snapped out of my daydream (which actually happens quite often) and got back to work at the cash register.


 1 week later

<<Niall's POV>>

Right now we were at the studio working on some songs for our new album. But I couldn't focus at all. The girl from Nandos still hasn't texted or called and it's been a week! I can't get her out of my head.

"Niall? Hello EARTH TO NIALL!!!" yelled Louis.

"Oh sorry," I mumbled sbaping out of it.

"Keep thinking of some lyrics, me and Niall will be right back," Liam said walking out of the studio room with me following. Once we got out of the room and into the hallway, I found Liam staring at me.

"What?" I asked.

"What's going on with you Niall? You've been acting strange and out of it all week.....Is it that girl you met?" asked Liam softly. I thought about telling Liam and decided to go with it. "Yea I know I only met her once and still don't know her name but I can't get her out of my head man. And she hasn't texted or called," I frowned sitting down on the bench, Liam following.

"Wow I didn't know you liked her this much. How about we make plan?" I nodded in agreement. "So she works at Nandos right? Why don't we just eat at Nandos more often so you can see her! We can go there for lunch today when we get out of here," Liam suggested.

"That's a great idea, thanks mate!" I said getting excited. Liam walked and I skipped with a huge smile on my face (causing the boys to stare at me but shrug it off) back into the studio and got back to work. I knew I would be seeing that girl more often because Nandos is my favorite resturant, and Im going to be eating there a lot more often. More food = more Nandos. More Nandos = girl. Girl + food = happy Niall ;)

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry it was so short and I haven't updated in FOREVER but I get 2 and a half weeks off for Easter break (from March 29-April 15) so I will try and update then. I'm thinking about putting this story on hold till the summer too because I'm just crazy buzy with school and swimming and I'll get a lot more free time over the summer! Let me know at you guys think! Please comment, like and favorite!! I love feedback and advice! Thanks for being so patient!

Luvs ya :)

-Liv xx

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