Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


10. Will You Go Out With Me?

Perrie's POV After fighting and yelling at each other me and Niall just stopped andsit on the floor "I just get sick of it Perrie" Niall said "Me too" looking at the ground "Will you go out with me? On a date" my heart start to beat faster and i smiled and look at him "I would love too" we lean to kiss but then "Hey guys wan-whoa sorry for cutting you" Harry said and feels awkward "Oh it's OK"i get up but Niall pull me "Tonight!" he whisperd in my ear i smiled and nodded and get out can't wait for the date Niall's POV "Thanks alot Harry" i said while i get up "whoa sorry mate i didn't you both about to kiss" he winked" "shut up Styles" "you got it Mr. Horan" smiling to me, i just rolled my eyes and went to the kitchen to eat then get ready for the date i didn't think where we should go. It was 5:45 pm i should get ready i think i'm gonna wear blue polo with blue jeans i check my self, i get a message from Perrie Perrie: Hey, where are we going i need to know what to wear x Niall: Nothing fancy something normal Perrie: OK thanks love x Perrie's POV Niall told me not wear something fancy so i diecided to wear a dyed jeans colored by dark blue and light blue with a pink tank and a blue jacket and high heels and straight my dyed blonde hair with that i was ready. Someone knocked the door i guess that was Niall i went to open to see Niall standing i fornt if me "Well hello beautiful"he flirted "Why not hello handsome" i flirt back we both laughed "ready?" taking my hand "yes, lets go" we both went to his car he open to me the door i thanked him and we both go to our first date. He parked the car infornt of the carnaval "Ready?" "Yup" we get out off the car he took my hand and we get in the carnaval we played alot of the games and we have fun and he also win for me a teddy bear, in the end of the night we kean to kiss infron of the moon light and in our song by the kiss "Last Frist Kiss" it was so romantic. "Niall thanks i really had fun" while getting in the car "There's one more thing left" "what is that?" "Will you be my girlfriend" i smile really big "I would love to" and we kissed, it was so much pefect
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