Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


15. Waking Up To A Blue Eyes

*After 3 monthes*

Niall's POV

I kept going to Perrie everyday for 3 monthes but there is no ueses today the doctor calls us and he want to see us we all do what he want we arrive the hostipal and met the doctor "First i wanna say i'm so sorry for happened to Perrie" the doctor said  and take a breath "Seconde and i' sorry again we have to take  the recovry breathing apparatus off tomorrow afternoon" he said "Wait you can't do that your job is to protect other people not to kill them" Brenda yelled at him "I'm so sorry but it's been 3 monthes" "No you can't do that" "Be here tomorrow afternoon" and he left "Can we see her now?" he turn and said "Only one" it's my chance to see her "I will" and looked at Brenda she nodded and i went to her room i saw her lying on the bed with all the these things around her i set next to her i want to kiss her so i lie down and my lips met heres 

Perrie's POV

Someone just picked my lips i knew who they are it is Niall i try to move but i couldn't i try to move more often..wait i could feel my hand moving i finally picked Niall's lips and my hand were on his hair i open my eyes to see a blue eyes infron if me "Niall" i screamed and hug him "Perrie you are alive" the others come in i guess if my screaming "Perrie!" they all shout in one time "Oh my Gid they almost get there recovy breathing apparatus" Harry said i smile then Niall kissed me and they all start to awwing the doctor coming in "How amzing you woke up you can keave tomorrow" and the nures come in and help and kuck the others out i change my clothes can't wait to go home and get a big shower oh my God i look like an old lady just wake up but i bkess that i woke up to my Niall with his beautiful big blue eyes

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