Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


2. School & Concert


"PERRIE wake up you have to go to school"Lucy shoutouted "I'm up"i yelled still sleeping. She entered the room so the rest os the rest of the girls "wake up" Alex said "give me five"i said giving her my my 5 fingers "AHHH COLD COLD" i yelled whike i jumped of the bed and all my body and my hair wet "I'm gonna kill you"i said as they run away "losers" i said and go to the bathroom i showered then brush my teeth and i decied to wear skinny blue jeans with wihte sweater and boots i take my Iphone and go down staires "bye"i said while i get out

*after school*

"I'm home" i yelled "Perrie be ready we will go in 5 minutes"Alex said "Why? Where are we going? "it's our 1st show for our tour,silly" Brenda said "ok calm down Bre" i said "I'm ready anyways" "ok let's go" Sarah said we get in the car who belong to Lucy sincevshe is the only one who drive so yeah.

Lucy's POV

We arrvied to the concert and head to the dressing room to get ready i waer a skirt with a tank top Alex wear a blue pantes with a white tank top Sarah waer a pink skirt with a blue tank top Brenda wear a pink short dress and Perrie waer a light  blue dress and with that we are ready 

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