Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


3. Oh.My.God

A/N hi guys sorry for not update i was have lots of exams and family problams

P.S short one sorry


Alex's POV So we went backstage to start our concert. We enter the stage and the fans begun to screams it was very loudlyand we start to sing Catch Me All: Catch me catch me if you can Lucy: I'm in love with you i'm fallin over you Perrie: If i fall will you catch me cause i know you can i can see it in your eyes Niall's POV "Guys we can't be late this time" Liam saud he is right we always late we always get late so not this time "yeah let's go i don't mind if we go now" Harry said we all agreed and go after we got here we hear some music and there was screen back stage only one girl camy eyes she was so beautiful i need to meet her

Perrie's POV

We finish the song and the fans went crazy and screams it's cool to see this the best felling in the world we wnet back stage i wasn't paying attetion till i hear Alex screams i look at her she was staring at something or someone i see what she was staring One Direction are infornt of us i tried my hard to stay cool and not fangirl the boys start to head in our direction.

Zayn goes to Lucy and Harry go to Sara and Liam go to Brenda and Louis go to Alex and Niall go to...ME Oh.My.God


I'll tried my best to update. comment what you think

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