Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


9. Justin again....

Niall's POV

We are skyping the girls and singing live while we're young until we hear Lucy screaming all the girls run to see what happened expet Perrie playing with her phone "PERRRRIE" Louis yelled "huh,what" She asked "Uh Lucy was screaming" "oh cool" "you don't care?" Zayn said "she dyed her hair the wrong color as always" she said "How do-"i cut by Alex "she dyed her hair blue insted of red" "see" "how dose she look?" Zayn asked "aweful" "i will be right back"Perrie saud holding the camera "PEZZ DON'CHA DARE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF LUCY" "TO LATE" Perrie yelled "check the twitter" Harry said "k just a minute haz"Zayn said

"@Perrie_:Inlove wuth Lucy's new hair,awef-amazing right?" she posted a picture of Lucy crying we all laughed more than we should. Then the girls get back and Perrie has an evil smile and Lucy sit there glaring at Perrie "you still look beautiful,you know" Zayn said with a little shy "Thanks"she blush "Oh god,leave the love birds alone"Perrie said with sarcamly and get up and leave "Oh yeah why can't you go out with Justin you little love birds" She.Don't.Just.Say.That Perrie just leave not caring bout what she just said i just leave to my room

Alex's POV

We all sit there slient until Lucy just fall of the chair by a book "say that again you little bitch abd you died"Oerrie yelled and go to her room crying "wheres Niall" i asked "in his room" Harry said "oh gid this is not good""What should we do?" asked Zayn "i don't know,it all your falut Lucy" "What?" "go aplogise to her and to Niall" "No" DO IT"Weall yelled "fine she also throw the book at me" "you shouldn't say that" "So dose she" "O.K listen you aplogise to Niall and Perrie and she will aplogise to you" Zayn said" "fine" she got up and went to Perrie's room "Go away"Oerrie yelled at her "ok this isn't ginna work she almost hit with the chair" "lets start with Niall then" Zayn said and go to his room and then come up with Niall tears into his eyes "wait let me get Perrie" Brenda said she also go to her room and also come up with Perrie "say sorry Lucy "Sorry Niall and Perrie" shes said with a sad face "whatever i'm hungry" Niall said "Wheres the ice cream" perrie said "No! you can't eat ice cream you know what will happen to you" Brenda pull her so she can't go away and make her sit down Niall come up with a burger and Perrie just run to the kitchen to get ice cream we all run to her "Perrie no"Brenda yelled

Niall's POV

I come up with a burger they all stared at me then suddnly Perrie run to the kitchen and they all run behind her "What did i miss?" "Perrie gonna eat ice cream and that is not good to her,that's why?"Harry said

hi guys i will try to uoedate more twice a day cuase i started the spring break yay so yeah

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