Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


14. I'm Sorry

Liam's POV

It was the day we will ALL go visit Perrie i wake the boys up to get ready and to eat breakfast i went to wake Niall up i knock the door "Come in" i get in to see Niall playing his gutiar "What are you doing?" i look at te paper "It's a song for Perrie" i feel sorry for them "What you called it?" he looked at me "I don't know yet" he said looking at the paper "Well then change and get ready we are going to the hostipal" i get up "Alright,mate" Oh my God i feel sorry for him he turly loves her

Niall's POV

I change my clothes and went downstairs "Morning" i said to everyone "Morning,Niall, ready?"Liam asked me i look at him "No i didn't eat" give him a 'duh' look "No need i brkng you some food" i take the bag from him "I'm ready" i took a deep breath my heart start to beat faster and faster we all get into the van and went to the hostipal

*Skip the drive*

Here we are at the hostipal we went to Perrie's room all the girls were there sitting Brenda on her right and Sara on her left "Hi girls" Liam said all the girls replaid "What are you doing here?" Brenda asked me i was about to talk "He will stay" Louis said to her Liam took her hand and take her away from here i sit next to Perrie helding her hand "Let is give him some privacy" Zayn said and they all out i look at her and her scars on her beautiful face i couldn't take it to see her like that i start to cry more often i held her hand very tight and whisper at her "I'm sorry,Perrie" i said and cry more than i should

Perrie's POV

"I'm sorry,Perrie" someone said i think it is Niall i want to open my eyes to tell him that i forgive him but i can't i really want but...what about him and Amy what if i act like a fool and firgive him and he still with Amy No! Perrie he can't do that he can't he can-NIAAALL

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