Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


8. He Just Take My Breath Away

Sara's POV

OMG Harry was so beautiful in person i didn't stop thinking of him he....just take my breath away and my heart start to beat very faster and faster i was stting on the coach and thinking about him i was daydreaming and smiling like a fool about my thoughs about us "You thinking about Harry,don'tcha?" Lucy asked me "How do you know?" "Well come on Sara we all saw you flirting together on the first time we met them" she said "Do you think he gonna like me back?" she laughs "of cours you silly" i laugh "thanks Lucy" i hugged her and she hug me back "Hi" Brenda says and join us she and the other guys "hi girls" the boys come in expet for Perrie i think she study her exam "Wheres Perrie" Liam asks while he put his arms around Brenda "study" "Lucyyyy i need your help i can't understand this sh*t" Perrie yelled "or you can called Brenda i think she will understand,k." Brenda roled her eyes "coming" and she go to her room.

Liam's POV

OMG why did Perrie called Brenda did she saw us? i want time with Brenda and without Perrie

Perrie's POV

I was studing bilogy i hate this subject i always fail in it i called Brenda because she is good at it the door is open and i see an angry Brenda "I'm.Gonna.Kill.You" Uh why?" i asked like i don't care "Liam was putting his hande around me and you just ruined the moment thats why" she said almost yelled "OMG What happened"  i asked "Bilogy" she said and rolled her eyes "I hate you" "I love me too" "Hey,thats is my quote" "not anymore" "i don't need your help" taking my book from her she knew that i don't anyone to do like me expet our fans "fine bye"  she closed the door and go downstairs

Liam's POV

"How easy you can make Perrie angry" Brenda said while sitting at the coach. we all laugh expet for Niall he just smile "Hi guys" Perrie said "Hi" we all said and she sit beside Lucy and put her head on Lucy's sholder "did you finished" "Nope!" "Why?" "Brenda don't want to help,so yeah" "Brenda"Lucy yelled" "What!" "why didn't you help her" "she don't want to" "Brenda,honey don't make me say what you say to me" "what did she said" Perrie whispered something to Lucy and they both laugh and Brenda blush really bad she just get up and took Perrie's hand and went to her room " what did she say to you" "you just take her breath away" my eyes go wide "just kidding" "then what" "she get angry when Perrie called her she was very happy when you put your arms around her" my eyes go more wide,WHAT?

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