Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


17. Birthday Girl

Sara's POV

Today is Brenda's 18th birthday we make her a huge suprise,the boys will sing her fave song when she come,Alex and Perrie will let her away today so she can't know,Lucy will be the DJ and me will welco e with the guestes it almost 7:00 pm and we were waiting everything was completly ready we saw Alex and Perrie come in "Hurry up she is coming"Alex yelled and turn off the lights and everyone in his place

Brenda's POV

I can't beleive they leave alone i went to the room everything was off i turn the light on and "SUPRISE" they all yelled family,friends and "I wanna be last yeah baby let me be let be your last first kiss i wanna be first yeah wanna be the first take all the way like this" THE BOYS SING TO ME THEN Liam come to me and kiss "Happy birthday beautiful and the music start to play and then Alex and Perrie come "Hi,we just wanna say sorry for leaving and we bring you this,we know you want it so badly so we buy it"Perrie said with a smile in her face and so Alex's face in Perrie's hand they were the tank i always want it "OMG YOU GUYS AREE SOOO AMAZING THANK YOU" while i hugged them very tieght "Ok..Bren..Brenda you can let us go"Alex said while let my hand go away from her. It was perfect i'm thankful to have in my life me and Liam had more time together talking and laughing together it was awesome i love them







Hey guys sorry for not update i was in the hostipal i had an accdint so yeaah hope you like this chapter

Bye xx

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