Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


5. Are you dating......?

A\N Guys i want to make a peak complexity so i put Justin Bieber in the story no hate please

Perrie's POV

After what hapen last night i couldn't take it away from my mind it's like dream come true.In the moring i went to the starbucks i need some coffe. When i arrvied the place was full with people i finally ordered my coffe after a long of waiting

i was about to hold my coffe when another one catch it "Oh my falut i though it was mine" a famillar voice said "Oh it's ok" i take my coffe "you look famillar"i said to the stanger person "Uh prmoise don't scream" "hh ok"

he took his sunglasses off and Oh.My.God it's "You're Justin Bieber"i almost scream very loud i'm belieber since '09 "shhh yes it's me and you too you look famillar "Oh that's because i'm Perrie from Mix It Up i don't knowif you know us" "Are kidding i'm your biggest fan! You guys are amazing"  Ok i think i'm about to faint did just Justin say we are amazing "wanna sit with me?" he asked "sure" we sit together and start to talk about things and life after 1 hour we said goddbye and exchanged number.

I went home to see shocked. "What's going on? i asked worried .......


Niall's POV

What happened last night i will never forgot she was talent and beautiful i think i'm in LOVE i was thinking about her when i heared Zayn calling me to come "Niall!!!" "Uh yeah" "did you see the news?" "No,why?" "They say that theres rumors about Perrie and Justin Bieber" "WHAT???" "Hey,calm down" "it's just rumors" "what if this real?" i asked with a worried face


Perrie's POV

"Are you dating Justin Bieber?" "What? No we just saw each other byy accident and..." "What Niall will say,huh?" Brenda cut me "WE ARE NOT DATING" I yelled and go to my room


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