Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


12. Amy Green

Niall's POV

I was blessing to have Perrie as my girlfriend the date was so much perfect i was about to call her when my phone start to ring i answered "Hello?" then a familer voice answered "Nialler?" "Amy? What do you want?" "Not happy to talk to me Nialler" "No it's not like" "Well,OK can you meet me at the park today?"  "OK i will try my best to come" "OK see ya later Nialler" and she hungs up i don't she planning to do i hope she don't something.

It was the time to meet Amy before i go my phone ring i guess it is Amy so i answered "Amy i'm in my way you can't wait" i waited for an answer"It's..not Amy,Niall" i heard Perrie crying "Are you guys...?" i stopped breathing "Perrie it's not what you think" "Oh really?" then she hungs up oh god i have to call her i called alot of times but no answers i just couldn't take the drama any more then my phone ring i rushed to it "Hello?" "Nialler,where are you?" it was Amy i just hangs up then it ring again "WHAT DO YOU WANT AMY?" "It's not Amy Niall it's Brenda" "Brenda,is Perrie OK?" i almost breath "No she is in the hostipal right now thanks for breaking her heart Niall" "What happened to her?" i can feel tears in my eyes "She steal Sara's car keys and she has a huge accdient and it all your falut" then she hungs up there only one hostipal here so i took my keys and rush to the hostipal i was driving like a crazy person finally i arrived i get in "Perrie Tyler,please?" "The 4th floor" "Thanks" i rushed to the elvator and click number 4 i was so worried about her finally it open to see the girls sitting waiting Brenda see me and went to my direction "What do you want?" she asked me "I want to see Perrie,please?" i begged her "Why? You break her heart" i was about to talking but the doctor come out "Are you for Perrie Tyler?" he asked "Yes we are" Sara said "I'm sorry but Perrie is in  a coma it was a huge accident i'm so sorry but you can visit her whenever you want" " then he goes Brenda turns to me in angry face "It's all your falut you are not gonna see her again"  i just  left  thinking about Perrie i just can't believe what i just did.

"Hey mate you are OK?" Louis asked me while sitting next to me "No i'm not" "What's going?" he asked in worrie face "Perrie" "What's wroring with her?" i start to cry "It was all my falut i...i just can't take it" all the boys heard me so the come in saying whats wrong "Why? what did you do,Niall?" Louis asked me worried "Amy today call me she want to see i was about to keave when Perrie call me i think it was Amy and....." i said taking my breath "and what?" Louis yelled at me "i told that's not what to you think she just hangs up after a while Brenda called me telling she has a huge accdient so i rushed to the hostipal and the doctor..." i start to cry more "did she died?" Harry asked "HARRY?"Louis yelled "She is in a coma" they all shocked "IN A COMA?" Harry asked "YES HARRY IN A COMA"i yelled "Brenda said she don't want to me to see her" i said "We will ALL go to the hostipal" Liam said in a sure look we all nod and agree

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