Famous Love

2 famous bands 5 boys 5 girls 1 place new coupls
What will happen? Read to find out


13. Am I Dead?

*Before the accident*

Perrie's POV

I was chatting with the girls about the date we were having fun i was planning to call Niall so i call him "Amy i'm in my way you can't wait"Niall said my heart start to beat faster couldn't believe what just happen i could feel in tears in my eyes "It's...not Amy,Niall' i start to cry more often 'Are you guys....?' hard breathing "Perrie it's not what you think" how dare he,he go talk about me and Justin and it's not real "Oh really?' i hung up i don't want the girls to see me so i steal sara car's keys and went away from everyone i was driving as fast so nobody can ever see me i drive more faster it was almost dark then suddnely it all went black.

Louis's POV

Niall was like crazy he was on his phone calling and calling like a crazy suddnely he screamed then calmed down and ask something about Perrie then he rushed out with his keys "Where are you going?" i asked but he didn't answer and go out i hope he is OK


Perrie's POV

I couldn't open my eyes where i am? Where is Brenda and the other? Why i can't open my eyes "Maybe she is dead" someone said i want to see who is but i couldn't open my eyes Am i...DEAD?

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