Drift Away

They were looking for her to save them, but when they found her the unexpected happened.

Michael and Kyle are two strong Juxu but they need the help of the powerful girl who fled their world to live her life to save Kyle's sister, Michael's love. However, when they find her they also find other hidden secrets and Kyle, maybe, have found love.
Sacrifice, love and magic are all combined in the adventure of Drift Away.


2. Shadows in the trees

Kyle’s   P.O.V.

The girl just stood there for a couple of moments, not moving while the wind played with her hair. Then ever so slowly she turned to face us. And my breath caught in my throat. She was stunning. Her features were so innocent; it would be impossible to believe she could commit a sin. Until you look directly into her eyes. You’re trapped. Her eyes were like crystal clear diamonds. The lightest of gray and yet it sparkles.  Her gaze was leveled and guarded, not showing any emotion. But looking straight into her eyes, in a click you know she isn’t what she looks like. Her eyes look like they have seen too much, witnessed to much cruelty.

“Who am I?” her voice was a stroke of velvet, wrapping around us. “I suppose I should ask you the same thing,” she continued softly. Her gaze never wavered from us. She was a living ice sculpture; so cool and unmoving.

“Listen, we know who you are an-” Michael stopped abruptly when the girl suddenly shock her head in sharp, small movements.

“Have you also heard about the trees having ears,” this time the girl wasn’t asking instead she was stating that there creatures who are listening.

“But we have a lot to discuss-” I tried to say but was immediately cut off.

“Shut up!” She didn’t hiss nor did she shout, but merely stated. Yet it efficiently silenced us. ‘Bossy as hell’ Michael thought and I couldn’t suppress the little tilt of my mouth that came with the comment. ‘Yes, she is’ I thought back.

The girl grinned, showing a set of perfect white teeth. Then I froze. Could she read our minds?


Julia’s  P.O.V.

‘What did he think he was the only one that could read minds?’ I thought sarcastically. ‘Well his body language indicates that…’ I got lost in my train of thought, until I heard soft, barely heard even with my hearing powers, shuffling noise. I bristled.


Kyle’s  P.O.V.

NO WAY! The girl’s eyes turned from that calm, bottomless swirl of gray to glowing silver. She’s a Juxu. She’s the one we’ve been searching for now for years. Apparently Michael concluded the same thing because he kept staring at her as if she might disappear.

“We need to get out of here,” her voice rang with authority but I think she murmured under her breath “before she murders someone.”

In an unexpected move she lunged towards and grabbed Michael’s and my arms in a strong grip. That’s all I remember before a dizzying feeling and darkness consumed me.

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