Drift Away

They were looking for her to save them, but when they found her the unexpected happened.

Michael and Kyle are two strong Juxu but they need the help of the powerful girl who fled their world to live her life to save Kyle's sister, Michael's love. However, when they find her they also find other hidden secrets and Kyle, maybe, have found love.
Sacrifice, love and magic are all combined in the adventure of Drift Away.


1. The Party

Kyle’s  P.O.V.

The blaring, earsplitting noise mortals call ‘music’ was shaking the ground around me and deafening my sensitive ears. Lights were flashing everywhere in different colors. The area was packed with bodies: some numb from drinking, some rocking to the ‘music’. All people were cast in the shadows of the colored lights, slightly hiding everyone’s features.                                                                                                        

You know mortal parties are kind of fun’ Michael voiced the thought in my mind. Telepathy was such a common thing to me and Michael that it efficiently substituted talking. ‘Focus. We are here on a mission.’ I mentally hissed at him and shot him a death glare. ‘Chill Kyle. Don’t worry I am on hunt mood.’ I just shook my head at his so called humor. Even though Michael may sometimes seem a dumb idiot; in fact he is a very serious, mature leader beneath his humor. As so long as I have known Michael I have never seen him lose a battle or surrender to an unsolved mystery. He was always the winner. I put my head back at the task in hand. My gaze wondered around the meadow, suspecting everything never leaving a detail. Yet I still couldn’t find my prey.                                                                                                       

‘Let’s head to the bar and inquire if any one saw her’ suggested Michael. I gave the barest of nods, nearly invisible, indicating my agreement and followed him swiftly through the crowd. It would have been strange if mortals sensed our little mental chat, but we have had lots of practice to never show any body language based on our conversations.

We sat on two high bar stools, cushioned with red leather. Our backs were to the crowd, ignoring the party. The bartender was busy with a couple on the other side of the bar, so we sat patiently. While we waited someone came behind us. I tensed, getting ready to either attack or defend. I sensed Michael tense as well but we didn’t turn our heads. On the shiny marble in front of me the shadowy reflection of the intruder behind us grew more potent. A slim, delicate hand came to rest on the marble bar surface between me and Michael.

A figure stepped in between cutting my view of Michael and vice verse. The figure was a girl, a pretty girl actually. With black hair and a graceful, fit body. She was facing forward to the bartenders back. Neither I nor Michael relaxed from our tense position.

“Ever heard of being in the wrong place at the wrong time?” rang a voice so softly I barely caught it. She was still facing forward her gaze focused on something on the far end of the bar.

“Who are you? What do you want?” asked Michael in a strained voice only slightly betraying his calm facade.

A grin tilted her pink lips upwards. “I suppose I should ask you the same thing, but I am not the curious kind. I am just here to tell that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.” With that the girl spun on her heels, her hair swishing behind her as she took off to be swallowed in the crowds. A great camouflage for a human not a Juxu. I automatically sprang to my feet following the girl, Michael right on my heels. Immediately I changed my mind. Stalking the girl was like stalking a ghost.   It was like she wore an invisible cloak. Occasionally, with inhuman sight we would catch a glimpse of her. I sensed his thoughts; they were a range between puzzled and suspicious, just like mine.  The following process took a long time, squeezing between crowds, keeping sight of the girl and making sure we don’t look suspicious. Then the girl vanished, disappeared into thin air. She was using her mystic powers. We stopped in the middle of the meadow scanning the area around us for her. Then Michael caught sight of her.

She was just disappearing at the edge of the thick trees that lie on three sides of the meadow. In quick strides we caught up to her, just as she was headed towards a thicker part of the forest.

 “Wait!” I shouted to her and thankfully she did. She froze with her back to us, her gaze forwards and her hands by her sides not ready to attack.

“Who are you?”

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