One Way ? Or Another ?

One Way Together ? Or Another Apart ?


7. Stole my Heart

bell rings *quickly he stop and looks at me . 

"Nandos Friday " i smiled and nodded for agreement 

When the night finally came i my make up on and a skirt and a float y top . i met niall at the entrance when we was presented with the food ,i noticed the  flag with was put in my chicken said something different that medium . Out of curiosity i grabbed the little flag and it read " Will you go prom will me ?" awe niall of course " i started to tear up and hugged him .

"sorry i really need the restroom " he trotted off quickly i grabbed my phone and text-ed jesy


To: Jesy <3




i couldn't stop smiling all night he really had just completed my world .



we shopped for hours until i found the perfect dress it was a hot pink sweetheart with a chiffon bottom . With Diamond encrusted shoes . prom was 1 week away :D yay

"So who you going with Ellie" "Niall " i smiled and went into a deep day dream . "NIALL" well from zayn to niall is a big difference Ellie !" "I wanna go with Niall ? OK " This went on fro ages deciding why Niall but hes just the world to me x


ELLIE IS PROM ! i heard a person scream down my ear i knew it was jesy , you can hear jesy a mile away with her gob .we spent all day in my house just preparing all day then 6 o clock came eeeee "LETS GET READY " jesy squealed  i went into the shower first then jesy did my make up a smoky pallet was my choice . we did each others hair i curled my long brown hair so it fell perfectly .

A limo picked us up we looked stunning i must admit . when we entered the building  Niall grabbed my hand a linked to me a slow song came on he placed his hands gently on my hip and i put my hands around his neck we danced slowly it felt like hours  he then leaned in for a kiss now that lasted fro ever thee whole night was just perfect and Prom queen and King were about to be announced to my surprise "Ellie is out Prom queen " and ........ "Zayn is our King"  A few weeks ago this was my dream standing next to zayn my crush since Primary but was my Hero not zayn Niall. He tried to hide the fact he wasn't prom king but i whispered in his ear "you'll always be my Prince ""All you'll always be my princess " he whispered back i lay  my head on his shoulder and danced the whole night .the night came to an end he lead me out like a gentlemen . a true gentlemen .


she looked stunning tonight , Pink on girls is so sexy he her was perfect  her figure too .

" how was prom son ?" Yeah great i replied "His date is absolutely stunning " my mum , Maura butted in . That night was just Perfect and so was Ellie .

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