One Way ? Or Another ?

One Way Together ? Or Another Apart ?


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Ellies POV

 over the 6 weeks holidays me and niall was continually  at each others houses . One day we went to the local park it was boiling  but we just wanted to be togther, we sat on a bench and ate our icecreams he put his arm around my shoulder and i lay my head on his chest .

" two for the boast things " We decided that we was going to go on them pedal boat across the lake. The man pointed to the Pink boat . Niall knew my Favorite colour was Pink . He grabbed my hand a lead me into the boat .

My heart melted when he sang "im just the underdog who finally got the girl and im not afraid to tell it to the world"  without no question i placed my lip on his .  My Life is just a fairy tale.

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