One Way ? Or Another ?

One Way Together ? Or Another Apart ?


5. Prom ugh


"what jesy " i moaned and she tried to get me out of bed 

"WERE GOING PROM DRESS SHOPPING!!!!"  i wast even going i mumbled underneath mt breath.  "YOU HAVE TO " i was really hoping to go with most amazing guy ever he was rough looked wore leather jackets and his hair was just perfection he was called Zain but changed it to zayn because hes original. I went to about  69 different shop searching for jesy' dress  Prom was 2 weeks away anyway why was she even worrying ? i always dremt of being prom queen but i knew it would never happen having my luck .

Jesy put on the perfect dress it was purple and floaty not anywhere gypsy though. i would actually love a gypsy dress -i love gyosy - i really would convert to one if  i could.

Her eyes light up as she twirled around in the mirror .she gave me 'the look' after hours of shopping around she bough the FIRST dress she tried on .

Monday mornings , i hate them , Jesy gossiping about her dress and there i stood looking like a had a hangover . Suddenly niall caught my eye . i just smiled .  I had ict today me and niall now sit next to each other . he still had a few bruises but none visible to the face .I think ...I think i starting having feelings for him ...


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