One Way ? Or Another ?

One Way Together ? Or Another Apart ?


2. ok urm...

The little 'gang' started swiftly walking towards us . could their jeans get any lower ?

"looks like these  two love birds have got some explaining to do " He gently pushed me .my mind was telling me not to retaliate , im a person to retaliate a little too far though . Suddenly a hand covered my mouth from behind and dragged me back .

He just stood there , shaking like mad ,he was terrified . I could faintly see a tear form . What was his name ? i felt so bad as i didn't know his name off the top off my head . 

The ringleader off this 'gang' kicked him too the floor.Started beating him .i couldn't do anything , the man had me securely .

Tears rolled down my eyes as they horrifically beat him .we wasn't even dating i only knew him from ICT . Ha-ha  a old childhood trick came into mind i stated licking his hand that covered my mouth

"EWW THE LITTLE SCROUT IS LICKING ME " he quickly realesed his hand i took Niall hand . THAT'S IT HES CALLED NIALL! we left everything and ran . he had bruises and blood all over him . Poor Thing.

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