One Way ? Or Another ?

One Way Together ? Or Another Apart ?


6. Horan

The room fell silent as sir was talking . i could see his blonde messy hair and his crystal blue eyes staring at me .

i really  had fallen for him ... but i dont think he feels the same way . "Hey Ellie do you and jesy wanna come nandos in town tomorow whole class is going to be their " "sure" i replied Aprently Niall and his friends had organised it says Katie .Anyway when we arrived at Nandos we all got seated on a very big table for all 27 of us Niall sat next to me :D  jesy and Jordan say next to each other .Turtns out me and niall have the same nandos tastE : butterfly chicken with chip and garlic bread medium sauce :D my favourite .we all laughed  had a great time we did. 

1 week till priom jesy screamed down my ear 

"oh yeah i forgot" soory" dont worry jesy i felt sorry for her because she couldnt have her best friend at prom .

ICT again and niall handed me a little shamerock  necklace readding "i love you " i started the tear up yet still with a smile on my face .

"Sir , i forgot me and Niall need to see... urm Mrs Smith " i gave Niall i little cheeky look. Nodding his head he dissmissed us. 

Running out of class i grabbed niall hand and pulled him outside to the wall where nobody really knew about . i grabbed his tucked in from his blazer and ooulled him closer...his lay his hands gentely on my hips and  started to niblle from my neck up to my  lips .MAN HE WAS SEXY . 69

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