Promises Are Meant To Be Kept

Zayn Malik made a promise to love Megan forever. Will he be able to keep that promise? Or will he be replaced by someone else? Read to find out! (This is my first movella so I hope you like it! :D )


7. Would You Like To Hangout Again Sometime?

I sat down on the couch , thinking about what just happened. It was actually fun. 

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I used my right hand to get it. I slid it out of my pocket and saw that there were two text messages. I opened the first one. It was from Zayn.

ZayneyWayney : Hi! So , did you have fun? Do you forgive me yet? :) xx

I smiled a bit and replied.

Yeah , I had fun. I forgive you , I guess.

I pressed send then I opened the second text. It was from an unknown number.

6456276 : Hi! It's me , Harry. I was wondering...would you like to hangout again sometime?

I saved Harry's number then replied.

Sure! I'd love to hangout. When and where?

I sent it then put my phone back in my pocket.

Suddenly my phone vibrated again.

1 from Harry and 1 from Zayn

I opened Harry's first. 

Harreh :  Tomorrow maybe? Around 2 pm? We can go eat somewhere xx

I replied.

Me : okay. See ya tomorrow then. :)

Then , I opened Zayn's 

ZayneyWayney : Glad you had fun. So , how's your arm?

Me : It's okay. Still hurts a tad but otherwise , it's alright.

I looked at the time on my phone. It was 9:30. Wow , time passes by so fast. I set my phone on a table and decided to ignore the rest of the messages. I went to my room and went to bed.


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