Promises Are Meant To Be Kept

Zayn Malik made a promise to love Megan forever. Will he be able to keep that promise? Or will he be replaced by someone else? Read to find out! (This is my first movella so I hope you like it! :D )


4. Starbucks




I arrived at Starbucks. I opened the door and saw Zayn in a secluded corner. I walked over to him and sat down on a chair in front of him. Wow. He's changed. A lot. I looked at his beautiful brown eyes. They were hypnotizing. "Hi Megan" Zayn said , snapping me out of my trance. "Hi Zayn." I said awkwardly. "What are you going to do to get me to forgive you?" I asked , getting straight to the point. "That's a secret , Megs." he smiled. "Megs? I see you've kept my old nickname." I said with a smile. " have a girlfriend now?" I asked curiously. He looked down to the floor "Well...not anymore actually." he said. "When did you break up?" I asked. "Last week actually." he said. "I'm so sorry Zayn." I said comforting him. "Hey what do you want to drink?" he said to change the topic. "I'll just have whatever you're getting." "Okay." he got up and went to the counter to order. I watched every little move he made. From him ordering to him getting our drinks.He came over and put our drinks on the table. I grabbed mine and took a sip from it. I spat it out. Disgusting. My coffee was so bitter. "What the fuck?!" I screamed. Zayn laughed loudly at me. The other customers stared at both of us. "Zayn!!!" I screamed. "Sorry. I. Forgot. You. Don't. Like. That. Kind. Of. Coffee." he said between laughs. Yup , he's still the old Zayn. "Come on. I'll get you something else." he stood up and gestured me to stand up. "No thanks. Just get me sugar." "What? Are you asking THE Zayn Malik to get sugar?" he said acting shocked. I laughed. "Yes. Yes I am." I said. He gasped then he walked over to the counter and asked for sugar. He came back and handed the sugar over to me. I put all of the sugar in and took a sip. Perfect. "Hey , Megs...remember well , us?" he asked. "Yeah." I said , memories flashing back. "I miss those times." he said. I smiled. "So , I never got to ask. What is being in One Direction like?" I asked. "Well , we always have great fun." he said with a smile. "Cool. So...what are we going to do today?" I asked. "We could go to the house the boys and I are staying in and we can have some fun." he replied. "Sure." I said. We finished our coffee and walked outside towards his black car and got in. He drove to a huge white house. Wow. This house was twice the size of my house. But then again , he did say he was sharing the house. We got out and walked towards the door. Zayn opened the door and I gasped. The inside was huge! Zayn chuckled. There were four boys sitting on a couch watching a movie. I guess these were the other members of One Direction. "Boys! I'm back." Zayn said. The boys turned around. "Who's your lady friend?" said a boy with curly brown hair. "Oh. Lads , this is Megan." Zayn said , introducing me. I did a small smile and waved. "Hello." the boys said in unison. "What are you watching?" Zayn asked. "Chinese Zodiac." said a boy with blonde hair and an irish accent. "Okay." Zayn said as he jumped on the couch. I just stood near the door. "Megs! Come on! Sit with us." Zayn said as he patted a space beside him. I walked over and sat. Zayn wrapped his arm around my back. It felt really awkward but I felt safe in his arms.

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