Promises Are Meant To Be Kept

Zayn Malik made a promise to love Megan forever. Will he be able to keep that promise? Or will he be replaced by someone else? Read to find out! (This is my first movella so I hope you like it! :D )


11. 2nd Date

I woke up. I sat up on the bed and checked my phone. It was 10:30. I got up and walked lazily downstairs and got some cereal. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. I started eating my cereal while watching tv. My phone played it's ringtone while vibrating. I had a call from Zayn. "Hello?" I asked. "Hi Megs. Wanna hang out later here with the boys and I?" he asked. "Um...I kinda have other plans today..." I trailed off. "With who?" Zayn asked. "Harry , actually." I said. "Oh." he said , sounding disappointed. "We could hang out some other time." I said. "Okay." Zayn said in the same tone. "Bye then." "Bye Zayn." I hung up and put my phone in between my legs. I continued eating my cereal. I finished it and put it in the sink. I watched TV for about an hour or so. When I turned the TV off , it was already 11. I went to the bathroom and stripped my pink loose-fitting pajamas off. I went inside the shower and let the warm drops of water fall onto my skin.


I put my white plain T-shirt on and a pair of red short shorts. I braided my hair , I put my black Converse on and texted Harry. 

Me : Harry I'm ready. 

Harry : Ok wait for me outside xx

I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my purse. I went down and I went outside the door. I locked the door and waited for Harry to come. I waited for 10 minutes and Harry's car stopped in front of my house. I went into his Range Rover and he greeted me with a kiss on my cheek. I blushed a little. "Hey babe." he said. "Hi Harry." I said , putting my seat belt on. Harry started driving to the fair. It was a half an hour drive. When we arrived , we went straight to the ticket booth. Harry bought our tickets. They were for unlimited rides. We got inside and we wondered what ride we were going to go on first. "How about the Ferris Wheel?" he suggested. "Let's save that for later." I said. "Okay." he said. "Ooh!" I exclaimed. "How about that one?" I asked , pointing at a roller coaster that went really high up and had lots of twists and turns. "Are you sure you want to go on that?" he asked. "Yes! I'm sure! Let's go!" I said , pulling him. We got on the roller coaster. We went high up then the pace started to go faster and faster. It was really fast! There were lots of twists and turns too. It was fun.

We got off the ride and I saw that Harry's hair was pushed to the back in a really funny way. "Harry , your hair's all...weird." I said , pointing at his hair. I started laughing. Harry started fixing it. Then I heard squeals from behind us. Girly squeals. "Harry!!" they squealed excitedly as they ran towards Harry and I. They pushed me aside. "Megan!" Harry yelled from the middle of the crowd of girls. "It's okay." I said , standing away from the group. They asked for autographs and photos with Harry. None of them paid attention to my presence except for a small group of girls who looked the same age as me. "You don't deserve him. Whore." one of them whispered in my ear. "You're a slut." another one of them said. "You want nothing but attention." another said. Their words hurt. I felt the tears threatening to fall. I started crying and running away. "Megan! Babe! Wait!" Harry yelled as he ran after me. I only ran faster. He grabbed my wrists when he caught up to me. "Why were you running?" he asked , panting. Then he noticed the tears in my eyes. "Babe , what happened?" he asked in a soothing tone. "They called me a whore and a slut who only wants attention." I said quietly. "Are you a whore or a slut?" he asked. "Harry you're not exactly helping." I said. "Are you?" he asked again. I shook my head. He held my face in his hands. "See? Megan , you're none of those things. You're beautiful. You can never be a slut or a whore." he said , wiping my tears with his thumbs. "I love you Megan. I do. Even if we've only known each other for three days. I love you." he said , kissing my forehead. "I love you too." I whispered. He looked at me straight in the eyes. Our faces were only centimetres apart. Then , our lips connected. Our lips moved in synch. It was as if our lips were made for each other. It was amazing. I felt sparks. Then we pulled away. "That was amazing." I said. "It was." Harry said. He put my hand in his and our fingers intertwined. We walked around and went on the other rides. More fans came and I stayed away , not wanting to take the risk getting called names again. After we got on all the rides , Harry led me to his Range Rover and he drove us to the pier. We sat down near the water and watched the sunset together. Cheesy , I know. But it was nice. I loved Harry. He loved me. That's all that matters to me right now.


Yay! Long chapter! Took me an hour to write hehe. Love you guys! Remember , like , favourite and comment! 

Much love , Sam<3

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