It's an ordinary day. And Harry wants go home, just to see her girl


1. Go home

POV Harry

An ordinary day. Evening. Nothing special. Now, I'm in studio with the guys. Recording a new song. Music ended. So we can go home. 

- Bye, Harry. - I was told.

- See you later. - I replied.

I quickly removed the coat hanger, and hurried away from the building. I want to hurry home. To you. You're sitting at home, maybe watch a movie and waiting for me.

Very bored. Quickly go I can not do. At the entrance, as always there are the fans. Well do. It is necessary to give autographs and take pictures with them. I had a nervous smile. I have already stamped my foot on the ground. Because i want home so much.

 All nervous now. I finally let go of this crowd of girls screaming. Although not. Not receded. They follow me to my car like a snake. I take off the alarm and quickly get in the car, and once again put on the door lock. Well, that no one has to climb. Oh. They now stood around my car. Honked. But these girls were shouting so that they could not hear the sound. Again. Two. Helped.

I am with all the force pressing down on the gas pedal and just rush home. The streets of London are quietly empty. Of course, that night, so hurry home.

So I drove up to our house. I put the car into the garage. I went to the door. Well, I have not forgotten my keys at home. Opening it, quietly walk in, not to frighten you. Walk into the living room. And you're lying on the couch, curled up. On you only had one shirt and black lace panties that turn me on. I would like today, but I see your fatigue. On the TV is your favorite cartoon, "Snow White." Now just show the time in which a handsome prince princess leans over and kisses her, thus causing wake up. Now, you have a slightly open mouth. I love them very much.


I feel the smell of food wafting from the kitchen. I cooked meal. Baby. Tired after cooking. Squat and look at you. I breathe directly into your nose. From this, you could not help but laugh wincing and rubbing it. Gently touch your lips of yours. After you close your lips, rubbing their eyes and open them. How I love you. You smile. I love it. I smile back. - Hello dear. - I say and kiss again. - Hello. I'm sorry I did not wait and went to sleep. - You said in response, reaching a bit. Because of this, your shirt ride up a bit, and I see a flat tummy. You have me so thin, and at the same time so fragile. - There on the table, I have prepared a meal. Will you? - Only with you. - I stood up and extended his hand. You got down to it and stood up. We went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. He already had plates and the needed equipment. We sit across from each other. We eat in silence. I like that. Our meal came to an end. You get up from the table, you take my plate and my own, and you put everything into the sink. I go back and obniayu your waist. (From the author: I'm sorry for little banality :). You turn, hugged my neck, get up on your toes and kiss me with his soft and warm lips. You're so small. - Tired? - I asked. - Yes. - You said, burying his face in my chest. I just took you in his arms and carried her into our bedroom. When he reached her, I pushed the door open with his foot and went inside. Carefully put you in bed and covered with a warm blanket. I crawled under it from the other side. You lie back on me. I'm just-just pushes closer and hug your waist and just stick to your hair, beautiful waves that are located on the pillow. - I love you. - I said. But you have no answer. Probably already slept soundly. I wonder what you dream about? I wish I did not endowed with this ability. I love you. Here it is - my happiness, which lies next to me. And the more I do not need anything.
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