Drown Me

Love often occurs in the utter most terrible times, and for Victoria it just so happened in fact. With the on going conflict in her family for her guardianship she's met with Harry. The school's jock. When they meet it's love at first sight but with everything going on in her life she won't accept that someone could actually love her. With a terrible secret that could ruin everything she will have to learn the true meaning of love, but she's tired, she's sad, she's broken.


1. You Can't Run Forever

Victoria's P.O.V

"It's my life god damn it," I screamed running up the long staircase towards my room, "Victoria Hazel Montgomery if you do not return down these steps-" "Oh save it, none of you care about my feelings, none of you care about what I want? Your all just in it for the money!" I yelled again slowly ascending down from the steps obeying his orders as always, he stayed silent, "Mm, nothing to say huh? Because its true! You all know its true, who ever gets the girl gets the money right?" he stayed silent again, I picked up my dress that was now being dragged down the stairs, "Well then, what about what I want?" "You don't know what's best for you, your only a naive little girl." he said his southern accent thicker then normal, "Naive?" I scoffed, "Watch it," he threatened. "Or what? What are you going to do about it?" I egged on, in one stroke he slapped my face the pain spreading through out my cheek, I cupped my face looking back at him. "Daniel," my grandmother walked in, "Oh don't worry. I'm just a naive little girl who don't know what to do, I don't know what's right for me?" I mimicked his accent. He grabbed my wrist squeezing it harder, "You ungrateful little," I slipped from his grasp, picking up my dress again before running out  towards the door. "You can't run forever!" he yelled. Tears spilled from my eyes as I ran through the forest in the back of the house, I needed to get away from there, those god awful people. I was running so hard my sweaty hands gripping the ends of my dress desperately my vision blurring with each new forming tear. The only sound to be heard was my heart beat and the soft patter of my feet against the leaves. I felt as if my heart was going to burst from my chest. I stopped when I realized I had run into town. I got a few glances from people but I didn't care. I wandered for a few hours occasionally pushing the tears from my eyes, I had a headache and  I knew I should be going home. I probably looked ridiculous, this huge black dress on.  I opened the black gates that led me to hell, wandering into my house to find my family all surrounded in the dining room. "Oh thank god," My aunt Elma said dramatically clutching her chest, I ignored her remark  before disappearing up the stairs and towards my room. I threw off my dress slipping on a pale white night gown before brushing through my hair and slipping into bed. I was dreading tomorrow, the third new  school this year. The third. I wish they could just get I wasn't going to change, I couldn't control myself. "She belong's with us, our daughter brought her into this life," I heard my grandmother yell, "Well, not without the help of my son," my other grandmother shouted back. They were constantly fighting over me and the millions I came with. Since my Mom and Dad died they left me everything, literally everything and I inherited it when I turned eighteen. To be honest I didn't want any of it, I wanted to just be left alone. I closed my eyes trying to get some sleep. When I opened my eyes I knew what was happening; vision. The walls around me changed colors until there was nothing but black, I tried to fall asleep but I watched as her figure appeared at the edge of the bed, "Mother, leave me be please!" I pleaded. "There comes love, and with love you shall fall." she whispered before she faded. I sat up, what in the hell was she talking about. I closed my eyes tighter before I could feel myself slowly fading into a deep slumber. Her words danced through my mind through out the night, "There comes love, and with love you shall fall." I  awoke panting and sweaty, I glanced over at the clock before I got up and walked into my bathroom. I slipped into the tub, before I felt her presence yet again. "Oh mother," I sighed, "Baby girl why must you always be so stubborn?" she asked taking a seat next to the tub, "Mother why can't you just rest in peace?" I mumbled shifting in the tub. "Baby girl, I have some unfinished business with you and then I'll leave," she smiled. I washed up and headed into my closet. I picked out my outfit before pulling my hair out of its bun and felt the familiar feel of my curls brush against my skin. "You look beautiful baby girl," she sighed before giving me a squeeze  "Mother, why must you do this to me?" I asked, "Do what?" "Come back, you know how your death affected me and now you must return ever so often bringing back the pain and sadness?" "With good reason," she whispered before she tucked a piece of my hair behind my ears, "With good reason," she repeated before my door swung open and she faded into the wall behind her. "Who are you talking to Victoria?" My grandfather asked, "No one." I replied grabbing my school bag. "Well let's get going." 

Harry's P.O.V

 "Class sit, sit down." Mr. U said, I sighed slumping down in my seat and zoned out as Mr. U began to explain our new assignment, "Class it seems we have a new student, Mrs.Montgomery. Victoria Montgomery." He finished  most of the students who were paying attention gasped. I watched as she clutched her books before taking a seat in the empty chair in the back. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her, she was beautiful. "What is she wearing?" Danielle whispered to her friend Ashley just a little too loud, purposely of course. That's just how Danielle was; snobby. "You all know her fathers Brian Montgomery, that man who killed all of those people in that fire. You know they say her moms a witch, or well was.. before she died" Ashley laughed. I continued to watch Victoria as she held the side of her chair desperately as the girls continued to criticize her. I watched intently and by the look on her face she looked as if she was a ticking time bomb and in any second she would explode. "Can you just knock it off?" I demanded more then asked, "Well then," Ashley said adjusting her jacket and Danielle sat there speechless. "Your sticking up for her?" she asked me, "You don't even know her and your saying those god awful things." I said before I turned around catching Victoria's eye. When the bell rang for lunch I followed Victoria as she swiftly walked out. "Victoria!" I shouted causing a few glances my way. She stopped turning around catching a glimpse of my face before she turned back around and continued to walk away; clearly ignoring me. "Bitch," I whispered but she turned around. "What did you just say?" she asked me, she must of been fifty feet away from me but she heard me, how? The hallways were empty by now ; everyone at lunch. In a blink of an eye she was there in front of me, she gripped my wrist and I winced at her sudden strength. She leaned up to my ear, "Watch what you say, hasn't your mother taught you any manners?" she asked before she  turned around and I heard the sound of metal hitting the floor and I looked down to see a silver pedant necklace on the ground I picked it up but  when I looked back up she looked back at me and for a second I saw her eyes that had changed from her brown to a almost pale blue. She ripped the necklace from my hands placing it on. And in an instant she was gone. "Victoria Montgomery, what are you?" I wondered to myself.  

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