the remembering

Mariah is just an ordinary girl , she has dreams one to become a singer but when she gets into a car crash everything changes she has no memory left untill 5 boys show up in the hospital she's in to meet the fans as they walk into her room zayn stops dead in his tracks can this girl be the one he is looking for? Is she the girl from the concert that stole his heart?are they destined to be together or will fate tear them apart?


14. the surprise

Mariahs POV

"Mariah?" zayn whispers in the car back to the hotel.
"yes zayn." I reply
"I have a surprise for you, but first... Um, will.. You... Will go out with me please?"
"of course." I say turning around a little too quick hurting my stomach, but I don't care I gasp but I hug zayn.
He starts to tickle me. I shriek "zayn.. Z zayny wayny please stop." you say in between laughs
"never.... On one condition!" he says
"whhattt." you say laughing
"kiss me?" he says stopping trickling you. You look into his eyes and you both lean in at the exact same time. Slowly you kiss him and he kisses you back you kiss unroll you just to the hotel. Slowly he opens his mouth you feel a smile spread across his face, he bites you lip.
" race you to the elevator?" you say hopping up " ima beat you Gooood." zayn says as you both het out
"1...2...3" you yell as you race to the elevator you run into the boys liam grabs you by the waist "liummm you wrecked our race" you say pouting zayn walks over and liam lets go zayn kisses you
"go get ready I'll come get you for you surprise." he whispers onto your ear.
"ewwey zayn go get a room your gross." Louis says fake pouting, I fake storm off "Louis I hate you." I say. But he runs over and picks you up and flings you over his shoulder "Louis put me doowwwwnnn" you say laughing and this time there is no joke "Louis, seriously put me down." he starts spinning in a circle you start to cry "please Louis my stomach. Hurts really bad all of a sudden." you say he looks and sees your crying he put ls you down and drags you over to zayn. " do you forgive me." Louis says pouting "awe I could never stay mad at you." I say hugging Louis. "bai giess" I say
"bai as in b-a-i?" niall asks in his strong Irish accent.
"yea buddy." I say
I walk upstairs with zayn. "6 pm ok?" he asks
"fo sho zayny wov you." I say kissing his.cheek. Zayn calls. Niall for a favor "niall mate take Mariah shopping?" he asks and hangs up the phone he is at nandos meet him there." he says
Zayns pov
Mariah just left and my "friend" Felicia walks in. "I want you to fucking me so hard zayn." she says kissing me as she wa like over. "Felicia I have a girlfriend and we broke up last year." I say confused "that doesn't matter right now is all that matters she dropped to her knees still massaging my private parts. I pull hee hand.away she gets up and pulls her shirt off revealing.her blobs "Felicia put your god damn shirt on and get out now." I say I hear a click at the door Mariah must have forgotten something. :relics now put your fucking shirt on AMD leave now I tell ay her. I look over and notice Mariah she is in shock tears spring to her eyes she runs out crying. I run after hee she is faster then me by an arms length I can't reach her "Mariah, wait will you listen to me," I say.finally grabbing her wrist "why zayn," she says looking hurt the guys come out of the elevators looking confused they see Mariah crying "I come back to grab my fucking phone zayn and you are there with a shirtless girl massaging you private pats. Why the he'll would I forgive you I knew I shouldn't have trusted you zayn everyone does this to me they use me, well zayn you got what you wanted go find Felicia and have fucking sex with her for all I care! And to fucking think I fucking thought you loved me and I loved you I was so close to letting you in but look at what you do, as soon as I left you were going to have sex with her well zayn im done and so are we, I cannot believe I fell for such a.careless ass." she says . The boys look confused "Mariah whats going on.?" they ask but she is already running up to grab her phone. I stand there broken , torn in two, and in shock. She runs back out within 2 minutes crying harder. I stand there as the guys glare at me and Felicia walks by "well I got what I came for, to break you two up." she says by now Mariah is long gone. Felicia leaves.and the boys all glare at me "I need to find her can you guys call her and see where she is?" I ask Louis whips out his phone and calls her no answer so liam , and harry try, then niall walks in asking where Mariah was I saw her go into the.direction of the x factor stage. I run and.try to get there but she isn't there, I know where she is now airport only she isn't there. I drop to my.knees and cry.
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