the remembering

Mariah is just an ordinary girl , she has dreams one to become a singer but when she gets into a car crash everything changes she has no memory left untill 5 boys show up in the hospital she's in to meet the fans as they walk into her room zayn stops dead in his tracks can this girl be the one he is looking for? Is she the girl from the concert that stole his heart?are they destined to be together or will fate tear them apart?


10. the month wait

Mariahs POV
I love him. More than I have ever loved anything today is a Friday I have 2 weeks before I get out of the hospital memories have. been coming back one by one . Some are mire horrible then the others. Some I woke up screaming others I woke up crying . They came daily everynight I would wake up vying every night I might have screamed. Zayn was always beside me though the only time he left was to go eat sometimes he wouldn't leave and get the boys to bring us back a hazelnut Ice capp. The boys would be at the hospital sometimes and gone sometimes they usually spent 3 hours a day never have I thought I would get close to these boys and now there all I have left. Today a news team is coming in to interview me on the concert the feeling of memory loss and being with some of the most popular people in the world
"Mariah what does it feel like having memory loss and losing the people who helped you through this?"
"well these people are the only people I knew and.they helped me and now they are.gone I have no one but these 5 boys with me and its hard waking up every night screaming because of the memories that are coming back." I say crying
"so what is so horrible about gaining your memory back?"
"the worst part I have to say is waking up after the dreams and not knowing why you feel this way it's a horrible feeling its like all the pain you didn't have before you started gaining back these memories." I say crying
"now Mariah we got told that you slit your wrists because you lost your family in that crash is this true?"
"um well I can't deny the truth of it I did slit my wrists and its also true that after I regretted that nurse.finding me." I starting to cry harder
" can we see these cut marks Mariah?"
I hold my wrists out she looks.
"wow that must have hurt. But tell us about how you feel inside now that your pain is coming back?"
"well it's like there is a.hole in my heart and im dieing from the inside out the first memories.I had are I have to say the worst ones so far."
"what we're those memories?"
I start to cry harder and zayn walks in "Mariah you ok?" he asks
"the worst memories.I have are of the abuse physical sexual and verbal from my brother, and this guy who left my mom when I was three and remembering the pain from being bullied the pain from remembering I used to cut is amazing and it's.true that even now 2 weeks away from leaving and 3 weeks away from trying to chase a dream I have kept secrecy scince.I was. 10 and it' have to go through this , this pain that you get inside after each memory adds.up and it's.something I can't control and on the inside it.builds.up and makes it depressing .. Im sorry I can't talk about this anymore." I say and lay down on my bed "thank you Mariah." she says and they leave "I guess it's time to interview the boys on their opinion on this. Zayn are you comingto get interviewed on this?"
"yes I'll be with you in 2 minutes." he says he walks over rocks and hugs me I hug him "you didnt have to do this Mariah." he says
"I know but maybe it will help kids out there realized thatshould follow their.dreams zayn now go im going to sleep anyways." I say and he kisses my forehead.and leaves.
Zayns POV
"ok guys zayn is here it's time to start the interview." the man says
"now boys what would you say is the hardest thing about seeing Mariah in there?"
"the hardest part for me I think is seeing how much pain she is in, we all know how mush she regrets that nurse finding her but she doesn't know how much that isn't true see we love her like family not counting zayn he'll tell you why but she crys 50% of the time she's awake and y III know that is hard for us because we want to be there for her." liam says
"what about you zayn how hard is it for you because I believe liam spoke for all of the other boys is that correct boys?"
"yes thats right." all the boys.say
"ok zayn so what about you?"
"well um for me the hardest part is her being in so much pain she has no idea how.much I love her and I spend 24 hours with her most of the week I spend the rest of the time showering and eating I go out to radio interviews sometimes.but I hardly ever leave her alone she is Tue mist wonderful person in the world on the outside she seems like she is a person in that much pain which is true but if you put beside the way she looks you see the amazing her she is Tue kindest person I know she would never try to hurt you deliberatly if she hurts you it's something she can't control buy the hardest hardest part is seeing her cry she does.cry a lot but Sheehan a reason to all that pain for her must be unimaginable and you know seeing her cry and be in so much pain makes me sad and it pains me seeing her like that she right now is my life."
I say and a tear runs down my cheek.
"zayn it seems to me like you are in love with this girl is that true do you love her?"
" do I love her well here's your answer I would die for her I love her so much she is my true love and I will always love her!!" I say
"ok thank you boys for the interview.goodbye." he says and walks out
I walk up to mariahs room To find a nurse cleaning up blood soaked sheets.
"what happened?" I ask
"some guy who said he knew Mariah came in and stabbed her two times once on her right shoulder and once in the stomach luckily missing every organ." she says
"what? No this can't be happening will she still be able to leave in 2 weeks?"
I ask crying "yes she very close to being healed by then im sorry zayn." she says and right then the boys come in "zayn what's going on did she cut?" louis asks
"no she was stabbed 2 times." I say sitting down starting to cry then Eleanor walks in .
"hi ..... Zayn?" she says looking at me "mariahs been stabbed el looks like it will be surprise when she gets back from whatever they are doing." Louis says
"zayn Mariah is headed in for emergency surgery to stop the bleeding lets hope that she doesn't lose too much blood the doctor.called and said she lost 10% of her blood we are just. So very sorry zayn!" she says
3 hours later ...
"zayn." Mariah says looking at me I get up and help the nurses put her into the bed they leave and thenl come back to give her morphine "zayn im so sorry , will you come lay with me?" she asks so I lay beside her making sure not to touch her stabbing wound.
"I love you Mariah and it's not your fault." and she falls asleep she wakes up later.the next two weeks she's hooked up to I.V (intravenous a little needle thingy that goes in your hand or arm to give special liquid medicines) she's in pain butbthe last 2 day are good she's put on pills and can leave "zayn where are my auditions?" she asks "they are in California." I reply kissing her head she laughs the gasps "sorry it still kind of hurts to laugh." she says as we leave the hospital with the boys her and el start talking and she leaves to go talk with her about somethin Louis. I can see how the laughing hurts her but she cant help it then I get a text from Louis saying "she hasn't stopped talking about you scince she came over el just finally changed the subject they are talking bout the audition which reminds me r u guys singing little things?" " wow and yes we r!" she can't move her right arm very much yet but she's the first audition in California so she just grabs her number and we are in.. The plane ride was terrible I sat by niall and tried to sleep but he kept eating so I gave up Mariah set by el and they were both asleep. She peaceful till I notice she wasn't sleeping but in pain I walk over and give her Tylenol 3 "thanks love.u" she mouths "love you too"! I mouth back and sit back down finally she falls asleep but Alf an hour later the plane lands we walk off the private jet and are.finally in California we walkable hand in hand butbthe lets go and moves away from me "what?" I ask she poinya anywhere are lots of fans "I'll meet you outside." she says "I'll go with you Mariah." el says "you guys can take one of our body guards just incase ." and Louis sends one with the girls.
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