the remembering

Mariah is just an ordinary girl , she has dreams one to become a singer but when she gets into a car crash everything changes she has no memory left untill 5 boys show up in the hospital she's in to meet the fans as they walk into her room zayn stops dead in his tracks can this girl be the one he is looking for? Is she the girl from the concert that stole his heart?are they destined to be together or will fate tear them apart?


5. the hero


the look on her face suprised me its as if she remembered that night  what is she did what was i going to do?

the boys notce the look on my face.

"are you okay?" louis asks

"im fine louis."

i say and walk away as i walk a stream of tears fall down my face the guys must know how i feel the come with me all but harry whos palying with all the little kids. This long i've searched the internet found her on facebook as mariah malik. sent request no reply. 1 year of sheer pain and worry, 1 year away and edmonton is where i find her.

"i love her." i say and the guys look at each other

"she has no memory did you heatr her she remembers the concert and meeting us.. i think she remembers the car too, how is it possible she can remeber that?'

"zayn there is the possibility she dreamt about what happened it is possible and you know that lots of people have done that."

"i guess you have a point but ie been through a year of pain and now this she was in a coma for year and i search the internet daily hoping for something on her but nothing, how can i deal with this i lost perrie and my heart shattered now this thinking i have finally found the one im meant to be with and she is hurt and in pain constantly! i cant deal with this i love her so much."

i go outside and sit down for a bit , when someone walks up beside me i look up.

"i'm sorry you have to deal with this zayn, but i still love you andthere is a reason i remember the night i ended up in a coma but i only remember it because of how much i love you. but i cant leave the hospital grounds because i dont have the energy anymore its going to take me at least 1 month before im out i was going to call you but i couldnt i wasnt sure what to tell you i wasnt gonna just call you and say 'i got out of a coma' when you dont know a damn thing about it. im sorry but now i dont have any dreams i can sing yet i cant draw i cant qwrite how am i supposed to be who i am when i dont what tomorrow is going to bring for me. by tomorrow i could dier by tomorrow i could be alive. by tpomorrow my dreams ,ight never come true. i dont know how im going to even become a singer like i want. i cant do anything i want for 1 month i can sing 1 song a day and i love to sing. i dont know whats going to happen anymore."

Mariahs POV

after telling zayn what happens next he crys he doesnt just cry he breaks down i hug him and them my mom come out mariah you better go in you cant afford to get sick." so i leave crying i dont know anything anymore i dont even know who this woman is.

20 minutes later......

zayn comes in side "mariah... id like to hear you sing."\

"um ok um i dont know what."

"i know mariah it was your favortive song litttle things zayn knows it but this is the only song you know alol the words to."

my mom says.

so i sing it but end up breathless

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