the remembering

Mariah is just an ordinary girl , she has dreams one to become a singer but when she gets into a car crash everything changes she has no memory left untill 5 boys show up in the hospital she's in to meet the fans as they walk into her room zayn stops dead in his tracks can this girl be the one he is looking for? Is she the girl from the concert that stole his heart?are they destined to be together or will fate tear them apart?


9. the dream

Mariah POV
Slowly it comes back, I remember some parts of my childhood I remember parts that are horrible , I remember my brother the lain he put on which the abuse physical sexual and verbal. It makes me sad its horrible, I must start to cry in my dream and reality. There is no way to stop it. They were aweful the names I got called the pain he caused, the impact it had was part of the reason I started to cut. Then there was my real dad left when I was 3. The last thing that comes back is the bullying the horrible bullying. I can't understand how someone can do that to someone. I wake up from my dream I scream. Zayn turns to me it looks like he's worried like he has been crying too the guys are still there. Zayn says "what happened you were talking in your sleep you said something about your brother.that died and something about bullying and your real dad."
"it was horrible zayn!" I say crying I pull m ie knees up and turn away from the boys. I lay with my knees to my chest and my arms wrapped around my knee. I start to cry zayn turns me around to face him after.telling him no a few times I finally let him he looks into my eyes "it's ok Mariah it's not your fault will you tell us what happened please?"
" I'll try ok um I started to remember parts of my childhood I remembered the abuse I got from my brother physical verbal and sexual ." I say and cry how can one person have been through so much? How is it suffered so much I cry and can't stop. Zayn hugs me close.
"I remember the pain from bullying when I cut and the pain I went through I remember the pain I was caused it feels like a big hole has formed and my heart is dying ," I say starting to cry more " I wish that nurse didn't come when she did I wish I was dead I cant deal with this it's too Mich I wish I was dead." I say crying more.
" Mariah how the help can you say that cant you see how much we love me and the boys think of you like family and zayn well zayn he loves you more then anything so yell me how you can that Mariah can't you feel theblove can't you feel zayns love for you , you are way to important Mariah you should realize that by now you really should you are the best thing that happened to zayn scince perrie broke up with him you can't day you wish you were dead!" liam practically yells. I look up at zayn he's crying I start to cry even harder he starts to while tears away I turn away I can't look him on the eyes after hearing that. He gets me to face him I out my head by his chest and cry not into his chest but on the bed beside him he hugs me close. He starts to whipe tears away from my face I put my face on his chest and he turns so that my head is on the pillow I hug him and fall asleep with zayn hugging me and whiping tears away.
Zayns POV
Hearing Mariah say those words breaks my heart how can she say that I wonder to myself I start to cry wishing she was dead I love her so much then liam practically yells at her making her cry more she looks up at me and I whipe tears away from her.face she turns away I turn her back around and she's crying so very badly I turn her toward me but she puts her face on the crack between me and the bed I put her head on my chest and turn so she can lay her head on the pillow I whipe tears away and hug her and she falls asleep hugging me I kiss her forehead while she's asleep. I slowly slowly fall asleep. Beside Mariah.
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