the remembering

Mariah is just an ordinary girl , she has dreams one to become a singer but when she gets into a car crash everything changes she has no memory left untill 5 boys show up in the hospital she's in to meet the fans as they walk into her room zayn stops dead in his tracks can this girl be the one he is looking for? Is she the girl from the concert that stole his heart?are they destined to be together or will fate tear them apart?


8. the bad news

Mariahs POV
"Mariah it's your parents!"
"what about them?"
"they're dead they died in a car crash!"
"what" I say so surprised l. I feel my expression it's a mixture aloft sadness and being mad I cry I cry from pain I cry from sadness but most of all I cry because I know I'm never goingbto see my mom, dad,or sister! I cry and cry but thI crye whole time.zayn isI cry myself sleep in zayns hughingbme I cry into his chest and eventually fall asleep.
Zayns POV
So much pain and sadness going through Mariah. Seeing Her cry is impossible to look at how could someone so sweet be in so much pain?the sadness in her eyes is terrible. After seeing her cry I eventually cry with her. The guys leave after a bit to visit everyone I go with them onceMariah is asleep. She looks so peaceful when she sleeps. I look at her again before we leave for the day. " guys im sorry but I can't leave her again I love her too much I can't just leave her to deal with this by herself Im going back I'll sweep you guys tomorrow for day 2."
" it's ok zayn we understand." harry says
As I walk into mariahs room she's not there "where is she ?" I ask the nurse
" she's getting cauterizes she had a pocket knife in her purse and found it
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