the remembering

Mariah is just an ordinary girl , she has dreams one to become a singer but when she gets into a car crash everything changes she has no memory left untill 5 boys show up in the hospital she's in to meet the fans as they walk into her room zayn stops dead in his tracks can this girl be the one he is looking for? Is she the girl from the concert that stole his heart?are they destined to be together or will fate tear them apart?


11. the audition

Mariahs POV
This is it 6am and it's time to go to the x factor auditions so I can get in. The line is huge but im the.5th person there zayn and the guys went inside already they are in the back me and el are in the line. "your in pain aren't you?" el asks "yes I am but zayn has the pain killers and I'll take them after the auditionl." I say "Mariah how bad is the pain on q scale of 1 to 10?" "el it's fine but im at about a 7 but I can handle it , it's fine it's bot a big deal!" o say then sign in and head inside. "zayn!" el says pointing at me. He llcoolj at me and I look away. "what is it el?" they all ask "she's in pain but is refusing the idea of a pain killers she said it's about a 6 but she's not listening to me!!" she says . I just sit down and call my best friends
"hello miss x factor!!" they scream excited
"hi guys"
"how doing?"
" well just waiting you know I mean im the first performer but don't perform for another 30 minutes so im just waiting . How about you guys ?"
"how much pain are you on Mariah you sound like your in pain." the exclaim
"it's not that bad really it's nothing I can't handle."
" scale of 1 to 10 Mariah don't lie.either!"
"fine it's at q 7" I say
"take a pain killer it will help ." they say
"no I refuse to take pain killer's till after the performance guys.'" I say " look I have to go I'll text !"you later ."I say and go over to the mirrors zayn comes up behind me "you look beautiful Mariah your going to be alright" he says wrapping me in a hug from behind I put my hands in his and the pain gets a little worse he novices.because I closed my eyes "ten minutes number 137377" they say "here Mariah you need to take one." zayn and all the guys say handing me a pain killer. "no guys im fine it's nothing I can't handle!" I say "ok Mariah it's time go! Zayn you go out till Simon says something about a special guest or something." " ok" we both say I walk over grab a microphone "ok go " the executive producer says. I walk out and wave smiling "hello dear what's your name?" Simon asks "Mariah." I say
"oh yes your singing with someone special , can we get him out here please?"
"ok go get him love." Simon says so I walk over and grab zayns hand he smiles and nods at me
" hello uncle Simon How are you?" zayn asks
"oh im good zayn ." he says and zayn waves to everyone.and they scream
"so what are you guys going to sing for us?" Simon asks
"well we are going to be singing little things!" I say "

Zayn stats after.Simon says to e looks at me "youwer hand fits in mine like it's made just for me but bear this in mind it was ment to be and im joining up the dots with the freckles onion your cheeks and it all makes sense to me"
" I know you've never loves the wrinkles in eyes when you smile you've never loved your stomach .or your thighs but I'll love them endlessly ." and I sing the next couple verses and then. zayn sings one and I sing nialls solo then the judges stop us I hug zayn and healks off stage we hug each other and Simon says laughing
"that was utterly beautiful you 2 make a great pair , in singing and your voices amazing. I say yes what about you guys "Mariah your voice was heavenly it was just amazing so for me it's a yes!" the females say "Mariah that was amazing and your voice was the best ever so for me it's also. Yes so it looks like you are going to bootcamp congratulations" that all said yes "thank you so much everyone!" I say crying zayn and all the boys run out they hug me "zayn !" I say in pain " I need a pain killer bow!" I say now crying in pain I look down it started to bleed. " Mariah whats wrong?" Simon asks "nothing Simon it's fine ill talk to you later!" say zayn puts his arm around my waist and helps me walk out . He calls the car and I get in he hands me a pain killer "bootcamp is in a month will yoh ne able to do it the all the boys come in I have a piece on tissue paper on it Simon walks over and sees my stomach "Mariah what happened ?" he asks " um last month I got stabbed twice in the hospital it's nothing I'll be fine ill be healed in time for bootcamp." I say "Mariah I believe you but we need to interview you for the show so you need to come back whenever time tomorrow so that the Judea and I can know some of your story." he says " I'll be there." I say
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