the remembering

Mariah is just an ordinary girl , she has dreams one to become a singer but when she gets into a car crash everything changes she has no memory left untill 5 boys show up in the hospital she's in to meet the fans as they walk into her room zayn stops dead in his tracks can this girl be the one he is looking for? Is she the girl from the concert that stole his heart?are they destined to be together or will fate tear them apart?


15. Eleanor

Mariahs pov
I quickly Skype el "Mariah were are you Louis Is falipping out, he said.zayn is hysterical Nevis back." she says worryingly "um see el that's why I im kind of ons plane... To Britain but dont tell zayn please I just need a place to stay for the night im just about at landing point." I say "I won't tell zayn don't worry. You can stay here tonight, I'll pick u up I'm on my way to right now I'll see you when I get there." she says hanging up. Thank you el. I think to myself. "attention passengers we.are ready for landing please secure you seatbelts." the.intercom says.
Eleanors POV

I told her I wouldn't tell zayn I didn't say anything about Louis and.the guys I quickly call Lou who is with the.boys and zayn "Lou it's el, she is Britain here at London im picking.her up now be at my place by noon tomorrow with the boys I just got off Skype with her. She explained but she needs to hear zayn out." I say onto the phone "ok el well be in London tomorrow" he says hanging up the phone.
Mariahs POV
We pull up at Els place 30 minutes later and I am so tired I can barley hold my head my head up. El shows me into the guest room and I crash automatically. I wake up at 11:00am and yell down the stairs to el " hey el ima take a bath I'll be noon and if I'm not come wake me up." she replies "ok girl hurry up tho." so I run the bath and get in I don't get my hands wet knowing that I won't be able to break out razor blades. I grab a fresh razor and breakout a couple blades. Slowly I align the blade to my wrist and bam cut so deep halfway through the vein. I've already been in the bath for 50 minutes when I cut there is a knock at the door as I am cutting my other wrist "Mariah open up I gotta talk to you." a guy yells I recognize it "Louis go away." im a weak voice "Paul break the door down." he says. Im losing my blood fast already the water it a deep red with my blood. I start to become weak. I have no strength. Tue door breaks open and Paul just stares and blocks Louis' from seeing "Louis call an ambulance NOW!!!!!!"Paul yells "but why Paul?" Louis do it now or she is going to die." Paul exclaims rushing over he pulls me out. He throws on just any clothes. He throws on one of zayns shirts and a pair of underwear. He ties something tight above the.cuts to try and get it to stop bleeding it works a little im not.gushing blood anymore. I see a.familiar face as it barges in "Paul why doesblouis have to call--" his voice fades out. "zayn," I whisper "im sorry , goodbye." I say as paramedics.burst through the doors along with all of the boys. I must be pale a paramedic.exclaims "we' the accident sight.?" Louis shows him "judging by how pale she is and how much blood is in the.water I'd say she lost over 50% of her blood, come on ee need to get her to the hospital as fast as possible right now her life depends on it so we don't care.of we herbs speeding ticket lets go." he exclaims. I look over and see Louis and all the boys including el, who is latched onto Louis crying, "im sorry boys, you were my only family left. By now I know I dont deserve friends like you. But im sorry and if I die today I love you zayn along with you boys." I hear them whisper "I love you too." and zayn rushes with us to ambulance I put ky hand on his.cheek and he.covers it with his own using my free hand I whipe away some tears and using all the last strength I have I sit up and kiss him. Then everything goes black.
"I hope she will be ok I need her by my side again" I hear as I wake up I look around but my vision is blurred. Slowly if focuses. Im in the hospital, for the first time after the accident.

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