Loved You First

I walked up to him. "I've loved you every second of everyday" I said. I broke into tears. He held me tight.


7. Telling Louis

"It's positive" I said. Danielle hugged her. But Eleanor just froze. "You mean I'm going to be a- be a- a mom?" she asked in shock. "Ya" I said. Me and Perrie hugged her. She sat down. "How am I suppose to tell Louis?" she asked. "It will all be okay" Perrie said. "I'm too young to have a baby! I'm only twenty one!" she said. "It will be okay. "I have to call Louis" she said. Then she ran to the restroom and threw up. "Eww" Danielle said. "I can't believe she is going to be a mom" Perrie said. "I know it's crazy" I said. Then I saw her call Louis. ELEANOR PROV. I called Louis. "Hello love" Louis said. "Hey Louis I need to tell you something" I said. "What is it love you don't sound very good" he said. "Uhh" I said. I couldn't tell him! Wht was I suppose to do! "Nevermind I will just tell you went you get home" I said. "Are you sure?" he said. He sounded so concerned. "Ya it can wait" I said. But I knew it couldn't. "Okay see you when I get home, I love you" she said. "Ya bye" I said. I hung up. I looked in the mirror and felt my stomach. "Eleanor?" I heard Angie say. "Ya?" I said from the restroom. She walked over to me. "Did you tell him?" she asked. "No I couldn't" I said. "I just couldn't" I said. My eyes got watery. Then a tear fell down my face. "I'm going to have a baby" I whispered to myself. "Is meet Angie day canceled?" Danielle asked as she walked up to me. "ya" Angie said. "Today we should focus on Eleanor". I smiled and walked up Angie and hugged her. "Thank you" I said. "For what?" she asked. "For barely even knowing me but being so supportive" I said. Then we heard a knock at the door. "Hello love?" we heard Louis say from outside. "We should go" Perrie said. They all ran out the back door. "Goodluck" Angie said as she walked out. I opened the door. He saw the smear of my makeup. "I knew you wernt okay. I knew something was wron when you didn't say I love you too" he said as he walked in. "Louis I have to tell you something" I said. My eyes watered. "What is it love are you okay?" he said as he wiped m tear. We sat down. "Louis I'm- I'm-I'm-" I tried to say. "Eleanor, love you can tell me anything" he said. "I'm pregnat" I said.
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