Loved You First

I walked up to him. "I've loved you every second of everyday" I said. I broke into tears. He held me tight.


3. Rest of the boys

I sat down. "So now you have met the flirt of the band. Would you umm like to meet the rest?" he said. "The rest of your band?" I asked. "Umm yes" he said. "I would love to" I said. I smiled. Well let me call them. "Right now?" I asked confused. "Yup" he said. He took out his phone and called someone. I just heard him talk to someone on the phone. Then he hung up. "Lets umm go love" he said as he stood up. "Where are we going" I said as I stood up. "To meet the boys" he said. He held my hand and led me to his car. We got in and drove to a giant stadium. "Here?" I asked surprised as we got out of the car. "Yes love" he said. He held my hand and led me in. I walked in and we went behind the stage. "Umm hey" he said. They all looked up. "Is this Angelina?" one guy asked. "Yes" Harry said. "Very nice to meet you. I'm Liam." one other said. "Hi Liam" I said. "I'm Louis. And this is my mate Zayn." another said as he padded the others back. "Hi" I said. "I'm Niall" the last one said. "Hi Niall" i said. Harry said "Is it okay if I just call you Angie?" Louis asked. "Ya sure" i said. "So Angie will come to the concert tonight" Harry said. "Awsome" Niall said. "Are you two a couple?" Zayn asked. "Umm" Harry said. I didn't say a word. "So still unsure?" Liam asked. "Kinda" Harry said. "Oops" Zayn said. I giggled to myself. Eventhough I wanted to be more than friends with Harry doesn't mean he felt the same way. So nothing was probabliy going to happen. But I guess you never know? I smiled. "Rehearsing time" I heard a guy say. "Should I go?" I asked Harry. "No stay" Harry said. There was a seat on the side so I sat in it. They started singing. And dancing. They were being weird but cute and funny. Harry would come and check on me every five seconds. But I thought it was sweet. Eventhough I could tell he wasn't very focused on the rehearsal. He kept looking at me to make sure I was okay. Every time he did I would smile and wave. Then he would smile and continue. Did he feel the same way. Then Louis came up to me. "Harry dances funny doesn't he love?" he asked me smiling. "Ya" I giggled. He smiled. "We're you two talking about me?" Harry asked. "No" me and Louis said laughing a little. Harry smiled and walked back to rehearsal. I could wait till tonight!:)
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