Loved You First

I walked up to him. "I've loved you every second of everyday" I said. I broke into tears. He held me tight.


8. Moving

ANGIE PROV. I woke up. Yesterday was a weird day. Because about the whole Elanor pregnat thing. I rubbed my eyes. I sat up and got up. I got dressed. I called Harry. "Hello love" his beautiful slow deep voice said. "Hey" I said. "What do you want to do today?" he asked. "Whatever you want" I said. "But I am pretty tired today I think I just want to stay home" I said as I yawned. "But I want to be with you unlike yesterday" he said. "Only if you lived here" he said. "Well I'm tired" I said. "Wait!! Maybe you should live here!" he said. "Harry your crazy!" I said. "What I love you" he said. "You love me?" I asked smiling. "Ya thats why I want you to live with me" he said. "You are one crazy boy!! But....okay" I said. "Awsome!" he said. "I guess I'll pack" I said. I packed my stuff and called him. "I finished" I said. "okay I will come pick you up" he said. He came over and grabbed my bags and out them in his cat. I got in then we drove to the house. I put my bags I his room. I sat on his bed. I smiled and looked up at him. "I love you too... in sorry I didn't say earlier" I said. "I love you more" he said. He kisses me passionately. "Harry" I said. "ya?" he said. "Did you hear what happened to Eleanor?" I asked. "Ya Louis told us" he said. "Oh" I said. "Why do you ask?" he asked. "Because I was there when she found out" I said. "Oh are you scared?" he said as he smiled then kissed me passionately. "No are you?" I giggled then continued kissing him passiontley. "nope" he said. "Good!" I said. I smiled and kissed him passiontley.
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