Loved You First

I walked up to him. "I've loved you every second of everyday" I said. I broke into tears. He held me tight.


5. Cutest couple?

I Woke up. I sat up in my bed. I checked my phone. I had a missed call from Harry. I caleed him back. "Hello Hazza" I said. "Hello beautiful" he said. "Have you ate breakfast?". "No" I said as I stood up. "Well come eat breakfast with uz" he said. I loved the way he said uz instead of us. It was so cute! "No harry its okay" I said. "No come" he insisted. "Fine" I said. "Okay I will pick you up at ten" he said. "Okay" I said. I hung up and checked the phone. It was nine. So I have to hurry! I jumped in the shower. I got dressed and did my makeup. Then I put on my shows and perfume. It was 9:20! I curled my hair. Harry knocked on the door. I walked downstairs and answered the door. I smiled and hugged him tight. I looked in to his eyes and kissed him. He smiled. "Ready?" he asked. "Ya" I said. I ran and grabbed my phone then walked outside holding his hand. He opened the car door for me. I walked in and we drove to a house. "I thought you said we were going to eat breakfast?" I asked confused. "We are" he said as he parked. "Then why are we at a house and where are the other boys?" I asked even more confused. "They boys are in the house and umm there is someone elze I want you to meet" he said. He got out of the car. He opened the car door for me. I walked out. "We are eating breakfast here?" I asked. "Yez" he said. We walked in. "Hello love" Louis said to me. "Hello" Liam said. "Hi" I said. "Hello ang" Niall said. "hi Angie" Zayn said. "hi" I said again. But there was a guy there I didn't recongnize. Harry held my hand and led me to him. "This is Ed...Ed Sheeran" Harry said. "Hi" I said. "Hello love" Ed said. "You two are a very cute couple" he said. I smiled. Then three girls walked in. "Oh Angie this is Eleanor, Perrie, and Danielle" he said. "Hi" I said. "Hey" Eleanor said. "Hello" Perioe said. "Hi" Danielle said. "Guess what?" Eleanor said. "What love" Louis said as he hugged her. "There was this guy at this gym that did one hundred pushups" she said. "None of the boys here could do that" Perrie said. Al the girls said "true". "I could" Harry said in my ear as he huggged me. "Nuhu" I said facing him now. "Let's go" he said. "Bring it" I said now in his face about to Kiss him. "Okay" he said. I smiled. "Lay on the floor" he told me. "okay?" I said confused. I layed on my back on the floor. He got in pushup position on top of me. I looked at him weird. He went down and losses my lips softly. Then went back up an said "one". Then again he came down down and kissed me again. "two" he said. "Harry what are you doing?" I asked. "Everyone needs a motivation and your my motivation. You keep me going" he said. I smiled. I kissed him while he was up in push up position. then I stood up and so did he. I kissed him passionately.
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