Loved You First

I walked up to him. "I've loved you every second of everyday" I said. I broke into tears. He held me tight.


1. Meeting You

I walked in. I got in the line. Starbucks was packed today! I waited anxiously. Finally about an half an hour passed and I was third in line. I put on my lipstick then put it in my back pocket. "Umm excuse me" someone said behind me. I turned. "I think you dropped your lipstick" they said as they picked it up an handed it to me. "Uhh thanks" I said. It was a guy with curly hair and green eyes. He had dimples on both of his cheeks. I smiled and took it and put it in my back pocket. "I guess it slipped" I said. I turned back around. Finally I was up in line. I ordered. I took a sip of my coffee then reached in my pocket for the money. But there was no money! "Uhh" I said as I searched my front pockets. It must have slipped just like my lipstick. "Mam we need the money" the lady said annoyed. "But I don't have it" I said nervous. "Well" she said. "Umm don't mean to inturrupt but I will pay for you" the guy behind me said. He handed the lady money. "He saved you" she said. I turned. "Why?" I asked him. "You don't even know me" I said. He smiled an bought himself something. I followed him to a table. We sat down. "Why would you pay for me?" I asked. "Well its not like you were waiting for someone to buy you it.. It looked like you had the money. Or atleast thought." he said. "Thanks" I said. "So girl I don't know.. What's your name?" he asked. I giggled a little. "I'm Angelina" I said. "Im Harry" he said. "Well hello Harry" I said smiling. "So Angelina I think your pretty cool I guess" he said. "You guess? What does that mean?" I said giggling. "It means I don't know a thing about you but I would love to find out" he said. After that we talked for about and hour. I stood up. "I have to go" I said. "No" he said as he stood up. "Ya I do" I said giggling. "Okay! Let me see your phone" he said. "Okay?" I said. I handed it to him. "There now you have my number" he said. "So now you don't have an accuse to not call me" he said. I giggled "okay"! I walked out and walked down the street. I walked by this billboard. It said 'ONE DIRECTION COMING IN CONCERT SEPTEMBER 22'. That is tomorrow. It showed five boys on it. I looked at them. One of them looked exacly like Harry. Then it said Harry next to it!
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