The Day Before My Last

This is for the [Two Weeks in Panem] Hunger Games Competition. This tells a short expectation of how a tribute may have felt the day before the start of the Hunger Games.


1. The Day Before My Last

My eyes flashed open in an instant. I was blinded by the sun as I did so. The sun moved along with the train and shone brightly through my window, but I have no idea why the shade was open.

I gently stepped out of the bed, afraid of accidentally tripping while the train was still moving. I hobbled my way over to the dressing room and saw today's outfit sprawled across the arm chair in the closet.

It consisted a pair of ripped black tights, a bright pink tutu, a black pair of panties, a black bra, and a turquoise tank top. All of the articles of clothing were completely covered in sparkles. I had no other choice than to slip out of my lilac nightgown, which was also sparkly, and get dressed in the outfit chosen for me.

Once I was fully dressed, I made way way towards the vanity to beautify myself. The makeup set was as tacky as my outfit; Orange mascara, black eyeliner, red lipstick, and lime green eye shadow. After applying the horrid makeup, I brushed my silky blonde hair and pulled it over into a side braid. I tied a rubber band around the ends of my hair and set a giant, yellow bow into my hair.

I stood up and walked out of the dressing room and heading towards the train car that held the dinning room. It was an easy walk since all of the train cars were connected. The Capital took extreme safety precautions when it came to the tributes for their precious Hunger Games.

I made my way to the dinning room and at the table was the boy tribute, my brother. What a coincidence that after I got chosen at the reaping, that my younger brother became a tribute aswell. He was younger than me by five years; Only thirteen years of age.

He was eating all the assorted foods and as much as he could. There were cupcakes and and sugar cookies galore, gumdrops and lollipops here and there, and mountains of pizza next to the chocolate fountain. It was like my brother was in heaven.

"We need to talk to you about your skills, Alessandra." Brielle Trinket turned to face me, "I already spoke to Elias about it."

"Uh...." I was baffled. As a child, I didn't watch the Hunger Games, so I did not know we needed to have 'skill'.

"Do not fret, you do not need to be experienced to play the Games. You will get plenty of training when we reach the Capital. For now, sit and eat!"

I took a seat next to Elias, my brother, and started to eat what I believe was chocolate covered squid. Elias was lost in his chocolate covered doughnut to notice my presence or he was just upset that one or both of us were going to die during the Games.

Elias and I did not speak to each other for the first thirty minutes I was there. He sat in silence while Brielle was explaining to me how the games worked, as she had already told my brother before hand.

"So once someone dies, it would be displayed for the rest of the players left in the arena?" I asked

She did not have to think about it at all for her answer, "Yes. To alarm you that someone has died, there will be a canon and then it will show all who have died so far."

"Oh, alright." I mumbled before picking up a greasy slice of pizza and shoving it into my mouth carefully, as I have braces. I enjoyed the pizza even though it was getting caught in between my brackets, but I didn't care. For all I know, this day could be one of my lasts.

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