Who says I have to be nice?

Ash Johnston was not the girl who you expected to be, She may look nice and all but she is REALLY feisty, She gets anyone she wants. She had her eye on somebody, Harry Styles is her target and she will get him.


1. Target locked

-Ash's POV- I was dancing until something caught my eye, My eyes met with green ones, Of course he wasn't looking at me,I walked over to him and a group, He got up and made his way out the back door but I followed him "going somewhere?" I asked, he turned to me, I smiled and walked closer "I'm Ash" I extend my hand "Harry" He said with a deep British voice, not shaking my hand he smiled "Wanna go get a couple of drinks" I gestured back to the club "No thanks, I had enough" "Oh C'mon! you know you want to" I smiled and started making my way in "alright" I heard him say from behind, I thought he was a pop star, an emotionless pop star, I was wrong. He was following me as I walked through the crowd, I looked back and saw his little group also chasing after me, I saw people giving me glares for catching 5 guys tonight, I walked outside the front to my car, I think they new where I was going, I climbed inside and started driving back to my flat, They followed me -After car chase- I stopped outside of my flat and walked up to the front door, they watched me as I walked into my flat, Before shutting the door I looked back and smirked, They should know me by now, They should know me as 'The rough' But i think they have no clue who I am. I heard a knock on the door, I walked up and opened it "Your just gonna follow me like it's nothing?" I asked "Well, you said you were going to get drinks" He replied "do you know who I am?" I asked smiling a little "Uhm yeah aren't you 'The rough' Johnston?" He said putting air quotes "Yeah, you know I never had a guy talk with me for this long without saying Let's have sex" I said

-Harry's POV- Her cheeky grin caught me off guard, She's like me but worse "Yeah, you know I never had a guy talk to me for this long without saying Let's have sex" She said, I didn't know how to reply, My mouth was open but no words came out, She laughed "Come on in" She said and walked away, I looked back at the guys and they were mouthing 'Go' I walked in and she was looking at her phone.

-Ash's POV- I looked up from my phone, He was looking at an old picture of mine "Who was that?" He asked pointing to a figure "Oh, uhm that's my....my dad" I said "Oh what-" I cut him off "So uhm, yeah why did you follow me? If you knew what I was gonna do?" I asked "Well, I don't really know why I did" He shrugged, I laughed at his response "You should go" I pointed to the door "My brother's coming home soon" He walked out the door, I watched as his friends teased him, I smirked and nodded at one of his friends who were staring at me, He gave me a confused which caused me to laugh and them to look at me, I waved and shut the door, I heard another knock, I opened the door with a smirk "Yes?" I asked "He likes you" "It's obvious" I said and picked up the piece of paper he dropped, I opened it up "Uhm, I think you should give this back to him" i hesitated and folded the piece of paper again, i handed it to the guy and shut the door, with my back against the door i slid down, the note said 'call me' and then my number, next my phone rang "hello" i answered "Hi is this Candice?"  he asked "sorry wrong number" i answered quickly and then hung up, I knew it! Candice is my other best friend and I knew she would give someone my number, But why him? someone knocked, I hesitated to open it and I guess the person knew , He or She laughed and I opened it "Really Candy!?" I asked letting her in "Yeah really! He's cute and you like him, I know it!" She laughed again "Still Candy you can't do that" I pouted "Oh c'mon Ash! you know it just gives you a chance to meet the guy you've been waiting for and I think it's him" She yelled at me "I don't get you Candy, Isn't it supposed to be for me? not for you, Isn't it that I have to pick him? Not you" I yelled back "Ash, you can't see that I'm just trying to help you" She said trying to calm me down "But I can't see the guy you choose, How am I supposed to know that I actually like him? but thanks for trying Candy"

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