Silently Tortured

One night while jogging Natalie is attacked by a guy but when she escapes she is kidnapped by another man and is to be sold at a VAMPIRE auction.......and she has absolutely no say in the matter.


2. Sold!

I was awaken by cold water splashing all over me. "Get up girls!" I heard multiple men yell while girls moaned and screamed at the sudden feeling of the cold water. I clenched my eyes and rubbed the water out of my face so I could see what was going on. My body was pulled up by someone violently grabbing my shoulders and bringing me to my feet.
I felt the pain shoot through my ankle and the guy picked me up over his shoulder. What's going on? I couldn't remember a thing from last night. What am I doing here?

About ten of us girls entered a small bright room with clear glass windows. Outside were multiple men starring in at us. The guy carrying me sat me in a chair next to the other girls. I covered my body remembering only the sports bra and shorts I was wearing.
A loud speaker echoed through the room.
"Okay number 110 we'll start with you" we all looked around confused as to what the man was talking about. "Look at your fućking arm" the same man said sounding annoyed. We all looked at both of our arms. On each of our left arms we had a number, I tried desperately to rub it off but found it was tattooed onto my skin. The girl with the number 110 on her arm stood up and two men pulled her to the center of the room.
"We'll start the bidding at five hundred" men's hands started going up and their mouths would move but I couldn't hear anything. I was guessing the room was sound proof so we couldn't hear anything besides the main man who was calling out numbers. "Sold for two thousand!" The girl started screaming while the two men pulled her out of the room. We all watched in horror as she was handed to a guy and pulled away by her hair. "Now can we have 111 stand up" a girl next to me glanced at her arm and started crying while shaking her head. She was pulled to the center like the last girl and the guy began to speak again.
"This is Denise she just turned 19. Also she is a dancer and college student. Brown eyes, bleach blonde hair, and lightly tan skin." men started bidding and I covered my face trying to figure out what was going on and hoping this would all simply be a dream.

"112 your next!" I knew this was my number but I sat as still as possible trying to "hide" but the girl next to me pushed me out of my chair. She must be 113, I glared at her and got up off the ground. Both men walked me over to the center and I heard that disgusting voice again and cringed.
"Natalie is 16 she's a wonderful singer and junior in high school. She stands at 5 feet and 4 inches tall with dark brown hair and bright gorgeous green eyes." I stood there looking down at the ground and saw my ankle was still pretty badly swollen. "Her ankle is sprained pretty badly so we'll start her bidding at two hundred" I opened my mouth in shock I was worth a lot more then two hundred dollars. I saw all the men laughing and looked back at the ground I blocked everything out until I heard those horrid words. "Sold for ten thousand dollars" I was led out the same door as the two girls before me and thrown into a guys chest. Before I could even look at him I was blindfolded and thrown over his shoulder. I started crying again naturally while beating at his back but if it was possible his back was like a rock and hurt me more then it probably hurt him.

He slid me into the back of a car I was guessing and handcuffed one of my arms. I sat there in complete fear and thought of all the possibilities that could happen to me. My first thought was he could further me until I died some creeps were into that. My second thought was that he was some kind of weird scientist that needed test subjects. Lastly of course was the worst of all.... what if I was sold as a sex slave? More tears started falling down my cheeks and I yanked at the cuff on my right wrist. "Stop moving" his huge hand wrapped around my small wrist and I swear if he would've squeezed any harder my wrist would completely snap. He let go and I sat completely still until the car stopped. I was uncuffed from the car and he grabbed me again tossing me over his shoulder like I was a doll. If I wasn't blindfolded I would probably be a million times less scared. I heard a door open and close and was dropped onto the floor. I opened my eyes when I felt the blindfold being removed from my face. Slowly I moved my eyes from his shoes to his dark jeans up to his tight white v-neck shirt and then his face. Wow, could he be any more gorgeous I thought. His hair was dark brown and he had the bluest eyes ever. I stared into his eyes while he stared down at me also.
"What's your name again?" He asked me. I looked down at my arm and messed with the number now permanently tattooed onto my skin. Before I even knew what was happening I was laying on my side holding the side of my face where this guy had just slapped me. I started crying again and curled up into a ball.
"When I ask you something you better answer me!" I felt him kick me in my side and I clenched my eyes shut. "So what's your name?!" He whispered in my ear while grabbing me by my neck. I just kept crying and used my hands to try an pry his hand away. He threw me onto the ground and kicked me repeatedly.

"Ian what the heck are you doing!?"
the guy above me stopped and turned to the guy that had just come in.
"I just bought her today and she's already being an ungrateful s|ut" I glared up at him and he slapped me again. The other guy walked over to me and looked me over. "Well even if she's not listening to you, you still have to be careful humans die pretty easily" he turned and walked off.
"Come on just tell me your!" I flenched away when he yelled the last word. Before he would get even madder I pointed to my throat and moved my mouth but nothing came out. "You can't speak?" he asked confused. I nodded my head quickly and stared at him. "Maybe this won't be so bad" he smiled and started laughing.
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