Silently Tortured

One night while jogging Natalie is attacked by a guy but when she escapes she is kidnapped by another man and is to be sold at a VAMPIRE auction.......and she has absolutely no say in the matter.


3. Double The Torture

After his laughs finally died down he dug in all his pockets and pulled out a folded paper. "Natalie hmmm" he looked at me and back to the paper
"you don't really look like a Natalie" he folded the paper back up and put it in his pocket again. "I think I'll give you a new name....but I'm not sure yet so for now I'll just call you slave"
He grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet and back over his shoulder I went. "I think we should get your ankle healed before we do anything else though" I felt him touch it a bit and stop in front of a door "your pretty much useless right now".

He opened the door and we walked into a red and black room. The walls were bright red with black random splats everywhere. The very back wall was a giant window The bed which took over a huge corner of the room was like a pool of blood. In another corner to the right of the door was a huge entertainment center with a giant comfy couch and game system. There was also a door open in the right back part of his room where I could see a fancy black and white bathroom with hints of red in different places.
"Okay your room isn't quite ready so you'll be sleeping with me tonight" he casually walked over to another door I had missed and disappeared inside. A few minutes later he appeared back in the room with blue basketball shorts and no shirt. My eyes went wide and I lost all my breath and felt my legs go weak but somehow managed to stay standing. A amused/cocky smile spread across his face. "Your not so bad yourself" he laughed. My face went red and I looked down at the ground. "Come sit over here" I looked up and he was sitting on his bed staring at me. I limped over and took a seat a little ways away from him. "Let me see your ankle" he patted his lap and waited. I lifted my leg and set my foot on his leg. Slowly he slid my shoe and sock off and started running his finger around the swollen part of my ankle. I felt a small vibration start in my ankle but soon it grew stronger and started causing me a lot of pain. I gripped the sheets and saw him looking at my face. He was doing this on purpose I could tell. Eagerly I shook my head no and stared into his eyes begging him to stop. I tried pulling away but failed miserably tears. I grabbed a pillow from behind me and threw it at him. But as soon as it hit him I immediately regretted it. He threw my leg off his lap and was straddling my stomach and had his hand grinned around my throat.
"You ever do anything like that again I'll be sure to rip that nice little throat of yours out" he got up and let go of me. I gripped my throat and turned on my side away from him and struggled to catch my breath.
"Go take a shower and come back out here when your done" he pulled me off his bed and stood me up then pushes me towards his bathroom. I began walking cautiously but with each step I took I noticed there was no pain at all. I looked back at him but he was busy already watching something on T.V. Once I was in the bathroom I took off all my clothes and jumped in the gigantic shower. Just as I was about to get out I heard some yelling and loud crashes coming from Ian's room. Before I could even proses what was going on Ian came into bathroom opened the door and bit into my neck. Any thoughts about covering my naked body were gone. If I still had a voice I would probably break a window with how loud I'd be. I couldn't move for the most part Ian had his arms wrapped around all the way around me restricting and movement. My feet weren't even touching the ground anymore. Finally he let go of me and I fell to the ground , I watched as some of my blood went down the drain with the water. My eyes went from the drain back to his face. His eyes were filled with lust and hatred all at the same time. My neck was still throbbing with pain but I managed to ignore it and focus all my attention on covering my body. He was about to move towards me but was grabbed from behind by the guy from the living room and..... Ian?
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