Silently Tortured

One night while jogging Natalie is attacked by a guy but when she escapes she is kidnapped by another man and is to be sold at a VAMPIRE auction.......and she has absolutely no say in the matter.


1. Attacked

I brushed my long dark brown hair into a high messy bun and put on some red Nike shorts and a black sports bra. I grabbed my running shoes and went down stairs I slipped them on at the door and went outside.
It was night time the only time I liked to run. My parents were fast asleep and so was anyone else in this stupid town. I took out my iPod and stuck my headphones in my ears blasting my music. Soon I was about half a mile away from my house when I was blinded from a car shining it's lights right on me speeding down the road.
I stopped running and waited for the car to pass before I took off again. But instead it slowed down and stopped right next to me. The driver rolled down their window an I saw a guy about my age stick his head out of the car and look me up and down.
"You need a ride babe?" he smiled evily.
I shook my head and was about to start running but he opened his door and got out. "Come on get in" he laughed stepping towards me "we could have some fun at my place".

I rolled my eyes and started jogging again. But he grabbed me by my neck and started dragging me to his car. I twisted out of his grip and took off running towards the woods. "Stupid s|ut!" I heard him running behind me. I stepped in a hole in the ground and felt my ankle twist and some popping ran up my leg. I was scared out of my mind I limped over to a place between some high gras and a rock and hid hopefully out of the view of the guy chasing me. Tears slid down my cheeks as I sat there waiting until I heard his footsteps fade away. "Sh:t" he cursed as he walked away.

I got up and sat down on the rock stretching my leg out to look at my ankle. It had already started to swell pretty badly and was also bruising pretty quickly. I clenched my eyes at the sight and pulled myself up off the rock and started limping back towards my house through the woods. I didn't want to run back into that creep but the uneven ground was making it harder to limp back home. Not even a quarter of the way there my leg gave out on me and I fell to the ground. Damn it why couldn't that guy just have left me alone. I heard someone walking towards me each twig snapping beneath their weight. I was to scared to move so I sat there frozen in fear. But as soon as I was thrown over a tall mans shoulder I lost all control and started thrashing beating at his back but it was like he was a wall. He threw me into the back of a car and sat next to me. The car sped off down the road. My hand flew to the doorknob but there wasn't one there. I turned to the man next to me, he smiled in the most creepy way ever and put a rag over my face. Struggling against him I tried not breathe in but was soon knocked out by the sharp smell
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