The Prince or The Player

In the end who will she pick the sweet nice guy, or the amazing hot bad boy. The Prince or The Player.


3. Chapter two

We drive for a few minutes before we arrive at Dakota's house. He gets out but he's Dakota so he doesn't open my door for me but I don't mind. I get out and follow him to the door. He unlocks it, "After you" he tells me when the door is open. "Thanks" I smile and walk inside.

His dog runs in circles around my feet. I laugh and pet him, "you really did miss me boy". Dakota smiles "he's not the only one." I smile, "How sweet I've been missed by two cute boys". He laughs, "Hey I'm cuter than the dog" Dakota pouts. I mess up his hair, "ok your cuter than the dog" I assure him. "yay", he says in a little kid voice.

I giggle and he picks me and throws me over his shoulder. "No put me down", I laugh. He chuckles and carries me to the couch and sets me down. He sits beside me. I lay my head on his shoulder and he flips on the tv. "I missed you", I tell him. He smiles, "I missed you to baby doll" he says wrapping his arm around my waist. I look up at him and smile. He leans in closer and I bite my lip. He kisses the corner of my mouth. I need to pull away. I'm supposed to pull away I have a boyfriend. But I don't pull away. He presses his lips to mine and our lips move in sync. He glides his tongue over my bottom lip asking for entrance which I gladly give to him. His lips are so different than Tony's. This kiss is different than the kisses me and Tony have. I liked it. 'But you shouldn't' the voice in my head keeps telling me. Finally we both pull away. He smiles at me. "What about your boyfriend baby doll, you seemed ok with that" Dakota whispers in my ear making me shiver. "I uh I..." I stutter. "Liked that" Dakota whispers in my ear again. "I shouldn't have. Can we please just forget that happened." I say. He just smiles and says, "Best. Kiss. Ever." I can't help but smile. I turn back to the tv leaning on him.

His arm goes back around my waist pulling me as close as possible. I didn't get much sleep last night and I feel myself falling asleep. As I'm almost asleep I hear Dakota whisper something, "What are you doing to me baby doll?" he whispers. I don't here anything else because I fall asleep.

A while later I wake up to someone kissing my neck. I moan softly. "Dakota stop let me sleep" I whine. He chuckles and kisses my neck one last time. "Time to get up baby doll" he says. I whine, "Finee" I say. He smiles at me. "C'mon I'll take you home now" he smiles. I stand up and we walk outside.

We climb into the car. "I'm gonna teach you how to drive" Dakota says. I laugh, "oh no I can't drive unless you'd like a wrecked car." I tell him. He chuckles, "You'll be fine". I roll my eyes playfully and he pulls out of his drive way. We drive down the rode before we pull up outside my house. "See ya later baby doll" Dakota says. I smile and hug him "bye". I climb out of the car.

I walk inside. "Mom I'm home" I yell. No answer. She must be gone. I go upstairs to my room. What happened. I made out with Dakota. Shit. Well not like anyone has to know. My phone goes off.

Tony: Hey beautiful how about we go out tonight?

Me: Where to?

Tony: A double date. 

Me: With who?

Tony: Lindsey and some guy.

Oh my god. Lindsey and Thomas.

Me: Sounds great.

Tony: Ok pick you up in an hour.

I don't respond, but I decide to call Lindsey.

"Hello" she says. "Linds!!" I say excited. "Who's your date?" I ask. I can practically see her blush through the phone. "Thomas" she says. "You and Thomas really?" I ask. "Yea he's actually pretty sweet." I smile before I say, "aww Linds you like him." She pauses for a minute, "yea I kind of do".  I smile again to myself, "See you later" I say. "Bye" she says and hangs up.

I decide to wear something simple. I get ready and I hear Tony outside. I run downstairs and out the door. He opens my car door for me. "They're meeting us there" Tony says. "Where are we going?" I ask. "The fair" he answers. "Ok" I smile. We pull out of my driveway.

Soon we arrive at the fair and meet up with Lindsey and Thomas. He has his arm around Lindsey. How sweet. "Hey bad ass" Thomas chuckles. Tony just looks confused. "Hey princess" I say to Thomas. Tony still looks confused. "Just nicknames" I tell Tony. He nods and puts his arm around me. It's not Dakota's arm tho. No Britney no. Tony is your boyfriend not Dakota.

We ride a few rides. "Are you hungry?" Tony asks me. "Yea" I answer. "What would you like?" he asks. "Cotton candy please." He smiles and buys me some. "Thanks" I say to him. "No problem beautiful". After a while longer we decide to go home. It was pretty fun. Maybe that kiss with Dakota was a mistake. I honestly don't know.

Morning time I wake up and check my phone. Two new messages. Tony and Dakota.

Tony: Good Morning beautiful :)

I'm starting to wonder if he just resents that when he wakes up.

Me: Morning xx

Now for the other message. 

Dakota: Get your lazy arse up baby doll.

I can't help but smile. Somehow that was better than being called beautiful.

Me: Don't worry baby I'm up. 

Dakota: Baby? Hmm I like it Brit.

 I smile.

Me: Pick me up?

Dakota: Or I could just let you walk.

Me: Fine

Dakota: c'mon you know I'm kidding be there in a little bit baby doll.

Me: mkay 

I walk to the bathroom and hop in the shower. After I finish I hop out. I wrap the towel around me and brush my hair. I go in my room and pick out something to wear and put it on. I finish fixing my hair. I hear my phone.

Dakota: Hurry your ass up baby doll I've been out here 10 minutes.

Me: I'm coming.

Dakota: hehe ;)

Me: your such a perv

Dakota: got that right.

I roll my eyes and walk downstairs. "Bye mom" she smiles and says "bye." I head outside and get in the car. 

"Hey Brit" he smiles. "Hey" I say smiling. "I called you Brit" he chuckles. "That's why I smiled baby" I say. He smiles "Wanna ditch school today?" I pause before answering "I don't think we should" I say. "C'mon we're already late" he says. I nod "fine but just for today" I say. He smiles and continues driving placing his hand on my leg. "Where are we going?" I ask. "Mike's. His parents are out of town." I nod "ok". 

We pull up at Mike's and the other guys are already there. We go inside. "Bitches I'm here" I laugh. They all chuckle and we sit in the front room. Dakota pulls me on his lap. "She ditched school told you she was a bad ass" Thomas chuckles. "What's there to do?" I ask laying back on Dakota. "Truth or Dare" Drew says. I whine "I've told you guys before I don't feel like being sexually harassed in a closet." "Fine" Mike says. Dakota chuckles.

Drew grins and hold up a bottle. Oh great. Alcohol. They all pass it around. "Want some bad ass?" Thomas asks me. "Um well." Dakota looks at them "she doesn't have to guys" he says. I shake my head "I'll take some" I say. "Told you she's a bad ass." Thomas chuckles and hands it to me. I take a drink and hand it around again. After a while I'm drunk. Yep. Drunk. This should be interesting. Better than that I'm the only one drunk. "You ok Brit?" Dakota asks me. I'm different when I'm drunk. I'll tell you that now. A lot different. "Yeaa I-i'm ok baby" I slur. The other guys chuckle. I press my lips to Dakota's. Something I would have done sober. The other guys are shocked. Dakota's lips move in sync with mine. Absolutely perfect. After a while we pull away. "Holy shit baby doll" Dakota mumbles. I blush. "Britney don't you have a boyfriend?" Thomas asks. I'm drunk. "D-Dakota's my boyfriend" I slur out. "No Britney Tony is your boyfriend" Mike says. "Nuuh uh I'd rather have Dakota." I stutter.      

"Guys she's drunk she doesn't know what she's saying" Dakota says. I smile and lean down and whisper in Dakota's ear, "baby I don't have to be drunk to know I'd rather have you". Dakota smiles and wraps his arms around me pulling my closer. "Then why don't you do something about it baby doll" he whispers to me. "I will. I promise. Will you wait for me." I say. He smiles "baby I'd wait years for you" he says. I smile and press my lips to his again. We have another long kiss before we pull away. I lean my head on his and smile looking in his eyes. "What did you mean when you asked what I was doing to you?" I ask him." He looks confused, "What are you talking about Brit" he asks. "Before I fell asleep I heard you you said what are you doing to me baby doll." He waits a second. "I'll tell you when we're alone. I nod in agreement. My phone goes off. 

Tony: Where are you?

Me: I'm not coming today. I'm fine but we need to talk later.

Tony: Ok I'll see you later

I don't respond. It goes off again. 

Lindsey: Where are you????!

Me: Ditching with the bad boys.

Drew sees my phone. "So we're called the bad boys" he chuckles. "Yes yes you are" I say.

Lindsey: oooh see ya later :)

No need to respond. I cuddle up with Dakota. "Tired Brit?" He asks me. I nod. He pulls a blanket over me and I drift off.
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