The Prince or The Player

In the end who will she pick the sweet nice guy, or the amazing hot bad boy. The Prince or The Player.


4. Chapter three

I wake up a while later being poked. "Hey bad ass get up" Thomas says. "Wake upppp" Drew says. They keep poking me and Mike says, "C'mon wake up". Yea I don't like being woke up especially by being poked. I slap at Thomas'a face. "Hey now not nice bad ass" he chuckles. "Where's Dakota?" I mumble. "He's underneath you" Dakota whispers in my ear. Oh smart one Britney. I chuckle when I realize I'm laying on top of him. I cuddle into his chest. "Your warm" I say. He chuckles and puts his arms around me. "What time is it?" I ask them. Mike looks at the clock, "12" he says. I nod. I look down at Dakota who's biting his lip. I smirk and lean in. He crashes his lips to mine. This kiss is more hungry and rough than the other kisses. "Gosh get a room guys" Drew chuckles. We pull away smiling like ideots. "Me and you are going to a party tonight" Dakota says. "Ok" I nod. "Don't wear something to hot I don't want anyone else looking at you" he whispers in my ear. I smirk "hmm we'll see about that" I say.

*****LATER THAT DAY*****

"I'm gonna go talk to Tony see you guys later" I say walking out of the house. I walk down the street. I take out my phone and text Tony.

Me: Tony can you meet me at my house we need to talk.

Tony: sure be there in 15

I walk inside my house and go upstairs. Mom wasn't home thankfully. She'd be angry with me. She adores Tony. I hear a knock on the door and walk downstairs. 

"Hey" I smile, "Come in." Tony nods and walks inside. "Listen Tony I think we should see other people." I tell him. He doesn't say anything he just looks hurt. He nods, "if its what you want". I nod. "Well I'll go then" he says walking to the door. "I'm sorry Tony". He nods and walks out. I felt kind of bad. Then my phone goes off.

Dakota: I'll pick you up in 30 minutes for the party.

Me: k see ya then.
I go back upstairs and get ready. I look pretty good if I do say so myself. Hehe.  I finish getting ready.

Dakota: Hurry your slow ass up beautiful.

Me: sorry it takes a while to look this hot.

Dakota: your already perfect

Yep I'm blushing and smiling like an ideot. I walk downstairs and get in his car. "I broke up with Tony" I tell him. "So your mine now" he smiles not turning the car on yet. "You haven't asked me out yet" I smirk. "Britney Anne Smith will you be my girlfriend?" He asks. I smile and wrap my arms around him, "yes". He smiles and gives me a quick kiss before starting the car.

We pull up at the party and get out. He puts his arm around me. We walk inside and start dancing. "I'm gonna go get a drink baby doll. Want something" he asks. I smile "yea surprise me" I say. He walks away to get my drink. 

It's been 10 minutes and he's not back. Better go look for him. I see Thomas on the way. "Hey princess you seen Dakota?" I ask him. He shakes his head "no". I nod and walk away. I turn the corner and that's when I see it. Dakota kissing some slut. Tears start streaming down my face and I turn and run away. You where stupid to trust him. How stupid can you be. I sit outside on the porch my head in my hands.

I feel someone beside me. "What's wrong bad ass?" Drew asks me. "Dakota was kissing someone else." I say quietly. Drew puts his arms around me "go talk to him" he says. I shake my head. He pulls me up. "Go find him."


I go to get Brit a drink. She's finally my girlfriend. When some girl obviously drunk pulls me into her and kisses me. I pulled away right away but Britney didn't see that part. I feel terrible. I've never felt this way about anyone before. I couldn't find her anywhere when I finally see her outside her face tear stained. I run over and wrap my arms around her, "please let me explain baby doll". I say. She looks at me with hurt in her eyes, "I was stupid to believe you changed to believe you cared about me" she says tears in her eyes. It hurt me so much knowing I hurt her. "Britney I didn't kiss her she kissed me I pulled right away but you where already gone." I tell her. "R-really" she stutters. I nod. She smiles and wraps her arms around me. I'm so glad she forgave me. I don't know what I'd do without her. I press my lips to hers. I loved the feeling of her soft lips on mine. She smiled into it. I pull her closer. "Brit I think I love you" I tell her. She smiles "I love you to". I really do love her.
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