The Prince or The Player

In the end who will she pick the sweet nice guy, or the amazing hot bad boy. The Prince or The Player.


2. Chapter one

I wake up look at my phone. One new message. 

Tony: Good Morning beautiful :)

I should be smiling. I mean a good morning text from Tony my boyfriend such a sweet guy. But I'm not smiling. Why? I don't even know

Me: Morning Tony :)

Better get ready for school. I turn on my iPod and step in the shower. I sing along to 'ho hey by the lumineers'. I love that song. "I belong with you you belong with me your my sweet hearttt" I sing while washing my hair. I hear my phone go off. Probably Tony I'll check it later. I finish my shower and get out drying off.

I look in the mirror brushing my blonde hair. Yep I'm blonde. Blonde hair brown eyes. I wrap the towel around myself. Better check my phone.

Tony: Want a ride to school?

Me: It's ok I think I'm gonna walk. Thanks anyways. :)

Tony: Alright see ya at school.

I don't respond. I go and get dressed. It's summer time so I pick out shorts and a t-shirt. I hear my phone go off. 

"Hello" I say into the phone and I'm surprised at the voice on the other end. It's Dakota. The bad boy. The player. The guy I'd just talked to for the first time a few weeks ago in school for a science project. "Hey how bout a ride to school today?" Dakota asks. "Um I can't drive yet" I tell him. He chuckles. "I meant, how about I drive you smart one." I giggle, "oh I get it now that'd be great. And um how did you get my phone number?" I ask him. I can practically see him smirking through the phone. "I have my ways, be there in 15 minutes." He hangs up. Well bye to you to Dakota. 

I know it sounds bad doesn't it. Telling  my boyfriend I don't want a ride to school then telling the bad boy I do. I just really didn't feel like riding with Tony today. He's sweet and all but I really don't know how I feel about him anymore. Now don't take that as in ohh she wants the bad boy. Because no I don't, I know the bad boys a player I'm not stupid. I do like being around him tho. You know that rush you get when your doing something you shouldn't but it's just so fun. That's how it is being around Dakota. I like the feeling. I like Dakota. No not like that. I mean like a friend. A really close friend. Yea we've gotten pretty close in the last few weeks. I mean we haven't kissed or anything.

I finish my hair looking in the mirror one last time when I hear my phone.

Dakota: I'm here. Hurry up ;)

Me: yea yea yea I'm comin

Dakota: oh you are lol ;)

Me: shut up perv

I put my phone in my pocket. I hear my mom call from down the stairs. "Honey, Dakotas out front". I smile to myself and holler back, "I know I'm on my way." You see my mom doesn't know Dakota is a bad boy. She thinks he some quiet guy that knows a lot about science. Boy is she wrong. 

I head down the stairs and hug my mom goodbye. "See ya later mom" I say as I'm heading out the door. I see Dakota and he smirks at me. I hop in the car, "hey perv" I giggle. "Hey baby doll" he winks. I hit his arm playfully. "I'm not your baby doll" I tell him. He smiles looking at the road. "You could be" he mumbles. "Could but I won't, your not my type." I see his smile fade. Shit. "Oh yeah and prissy boy is your type?" Dakota asks. I shrug, "better than a player who would break my heart." He looks at my whole driving down the road. "I'm not such a bad guy don't act like you don't know that already." I can't help but smile. 

He really can be a nice guy when he wants to be. I mean sure we fight. He calls me a bitch. I call him an ass. But I know he wouldn't let anyone hurt me. I really do know that. He doesn't like guys flirting with me either. He gets angry, and my own boyfriend doesn't get as jealous as Dakota does. That sometimes got on my nerves. Not about Dakota being jealous but about Tony not being jealous. 

"I know your not such a bad guy. But you and me both know you've been with a lot of girls and they always end up heartbroken." He looks back at the road. "Your different then those girls tho." I blush, "how so?" I ask him. "Your beautiful, your funny, you haven't tried to have sex with me. Your so yourself around me. Your a pig when you eat. Your in the car with me right now instead of your boyfriend who worships the ground you walk on. You seem to like the fights and the name calling with me. You seem to like it when I stand up for you." He smiles. For a minute I don't say anything I just sit there blushing. That's when I realized I do have some feelings for Dakota. "Your different to you know. A lot different then I expected." He smirks, "and now how am I different?" he asks me. "Your jealous when guys flirt with me and your not even my boyfriend. You haven't tried to have sex with me and you've always been known to try. There's just something about you that makes me..." I stop before I say anything else. "Makes you like me" he smirks. "Maybe, you'll have to wait and see.

We pull up at the school. "I'm gonna go look for Tony I guess. Talk to you later?" He nods, "I can drive you home". I smile, "we'll see about that." He nods and I walk away.

I look around intel I see Tony. "I thought you where gonna walk princess" he says kissing my cheek. "Oh well I was going to but I had already told Dakota I'd ride with him the night before. I just forgot intel he called." I lie. I don't like lying to him but I don't feel like telling him I told him my boyfriend no and told Dakota not my boyfriend yes. "Ok that's fine." He assures me. 

See this is what I'm talking about not jealous at all. I could have just told him I made out with Dakota and he probably would have said something like people make mistakes or it's ok I forgive you. I wish he'd just fight for me for once.

"Well I'm gonna get to class." I tell him. I head off for class. I get there and realize I didn't do my homework. Great. "Where's your homework Britney?" my teacher asks me. "I forgot it.." I tell her. "Go to the detention room." I nod and walk down the hall. My first detention. Ever. Woohoo. Not.

I walk inside and look who's here. Dakota. Thomas his friend. Mike another one of his friends. And Drew the last one of the four bad boys. I assure you tho Dakota was the leader. Nobody would mess with him. 

The teacher isn't in here. I sigh and sit down by Dakota. His friends look at me. "Miss good girl got detention?" Thomas smirks. I roll my eyes. "Yes she did" I mean I'll speak to them they don't intimidate me. I'm friends with Dakota and I've spoken to them a few times. Not much. "Well what'd you do darlin'?" Drew asks. "I forgot to do my homework" I shrug. "And why'd you forget?" Mike asks. "To busy thinking of Dakota I guess." I smirk joking. They all chuckle and hit Dakota playfully. "Ooh she likes you" Thomas chuckles. "She has a boyfriend tho" I add. "Prissy boy" Dakota mumbles. "Oooh looks like Dakota likes her to" Mike adds. He shoots them a glare. I just sit there smirking. "So boys what shall we do?" I ask turning sideways in my chair where I can prop my feet on Dakota.

"Truth or dare?" Drew asks. "No" I whine, "I don't feel like being stuck in a closet while one of you sexually harass me" They all laugh. "I'm pretty sure Dakota wouldn't allow that." Thomas chuckles. "Fine" Mike says "What else is there to do?" I shrug, "You guys are the ones in here all the time. What do you normally do?"

Thomas smirks and puts an arm around me. "You and me could do a lot of stuff babe" he winks. I could see the anger in Dakota's eyes as he says, "man get away from her. Now." Thomas puts his hands up in defense and walks back to his seat.

I grin at Dakota. "My hero" I say in a sarcastic voice. He chuckles at me. "Shut up Brit" He hits my arm playfully. "Not supposed to hit girls" I pout. "Aw did I hurt Brit?" Dakota chuckles. "I love it when you call me Brit" I say before I realize I said it out loud. I blush covering my mouth with my hands.

Dakota smirks while the other guys chuckle. "You do?" Dakota asks. "Urm yea kind of..." I mumble. He leans over and whispers in my ear, "Well then I'll call you it more often Brit". I smile and push him away playfully. "I could get used to being in here." I tell them. Drew chuckles before saying in a strict voice, "well you better not be in here again young lady." I laugh and so does everyone else, "No promises" I tell them. The bell rings and they all get up, "that went fast" I say. "Time flys when your having fun. Just be glad your where stuck with us." Dakota winks before walking away.

I head down the hallway before I get to my next class. Tony's waiting outside for me. "Hey" I smile kissing his cheek. "Hey beautiful" He says walking with me inside. We sit at our seats which are side by side. The teacher starts the lesson when Thomas walks in late. The teacher gives him a disapproving look "Don't think your sitting in your usual seat to talk." she tells him. He sighs, "then where shall I sit?" He asks. She looks around the room. "Switch with Tony."

Tony sighs and gets up moving seats. Thomas sits next to me, "So we meet again good girl" he chuckles quietly. "Would you stop calling me that" I tell him. "Fine would you prefer bad ass since you got your first detention." He grins. "Anything besides good girl" I smirk. "Bad ass it is" he chuckles. "Now that we're giving each other nick names. Would you prefer Tommy, or Princess?" I chuckle. "Hmm I like princess" he jokes. "Princess it is" I smirk. "I was kidding" he tells me. "To late for that Princess." He chuckles shaking his head before listening to the lesson. "Is princess really listening?" I ask playfully. He chuckles, "yes bad ass. Princess is listening." I giggle before we both go back to listening. 

After the bell rings I walk to my next class excited to see my best friend. Lindsey. It was also the class we had with the bad boys. All of them. Hehe. Tony wasn't in here tho. Lindsey wouldn't talk to them if her life depended on it. She got nervous easily. I set next to her and Dakota. Thomas, Drew, and Mike sat in front of us.

I sat in my seat next to her. "Hey Lindss" I say to her. "Hey Britney" she smiles. The four of the guys walk in. The teacher wasn't in here yet. "Woah the four of you aren't late. Not one of you." I say to them giggling. While Lindsey sits there probably wondering what the hell I'm doing talking to not just Dakota but the four bad boys. "Hey bad ass, nice to see you to" Thomas chuckles. "Hey princess" I say messing with his hair. "Watch the hair bad ass" he chuckles. "Make me" I smirk. He shakes his head when the other guys look at us. "Bad ass? Princess?" Dakota asks. "New nicknames." I chuckle. "I see" he says chucking. The other guys are laughing and messing with Thomas. "Oh so it's Princess now" Drew laughs. "Little Princess." Mike laughs. "Watch it guys I've yet to give you nicknames." They raise their hands in defense. When the teacher walks in.

"Take a seat class." She says and we all sit down. I look over at my best friend. "How the hell are you talking to them like that their the four the bad boys." Lindsey says. "Oh Linds they aren't that bad give em a chance." I tell her. She just shrugs before listening to the lesson.

I feel something nudging my leg when I look over. "What do you want Dakota?" I ask. "I'm bored" he says. "To bad" I chuckle quietly before listening again. The class end quickly and we all head to lunch. Tony's friends are with him. Well most of them hated my best friend. "I'm gonna sit with Lindsey" I tell him before kissing his cheek. He nods. 

Me and Lindsey walk start walking over to our table and sit down on the bench. Then Dakota comes and sits next to me. Drew and Thomas sit on both sides of Lindsey who looks terrified. And Mike sits by Drew. "Linds its ok they don't bite" I giggle. Thomas lays his head on her shoulder, "Only sometimes". He grins. That's when I see it. Lindsey actually smiled at him. "Your frightening her" I laugh. Dakota leans his head on my shoulder, "not nice guys" he laughs. Drew hits Thomas playfully and he moves off Lindsey's shoulder. "She doesn't like you she likes me" Drew chuckles. Lindsey still looks to frightened to say anything. "Don't be so scared" Dakota tells her. She giggles, "I'm just not used to this" she says. She talked omg she talked. "You've spoken" I laugh. She sticks her tongue out at me. "I get to nickname her" Drew laughs. "Thomas got to nickname the bad ass over there" Drew says. "Fine" Thomas says. "Hmm" Drew says looking at her.  "I think I'll call you... Linds" He chuckles. "Hey I thought of that" I kick him under the table. "But I like it" he smiles. "Whatever" I pout.

After lunch I meet up with Tony. He hugs me "I can't give you a ride home today" he says. "That's fine Dakota will" I assure him. "Ok don't die" he says before walking off. 

"Don't you see you'd be better off with me" Dakota whispers in my ear. Sometimes I wonder. I really do. "Maybe when you prove your not a player." I tell him. He wraps his arms around my waist. "I will somehow". "I have a boyfriend you know" I tell him. He looks at me and whispers in my ear "You know he won't care and that's why you like me... Because I'd knock a guy off his feet if he touched you." Dakota says. I can't help but smile. "We'll see about you and me babe" I tell him before I walk away for class.

I didn't have this class with any of my friends so hopefully it went by quick.

After the day was over I look around for Dakota. I spot him and run up jumping on his back. "Well hello to you to" he chuckles. "Hey" I smile. "Hey bad ass" Thomas chuckles. "Hey Princess." I say. "Guess where I'm going" Drew says. "Where?" I ask. "To the football game... With Lindsey." I looked at him. "Drew if you hurt my best friend I will injure you and you will never have children." I tell him. He puts his hands up in defense, "I'm not going to try to sleep with her calm down. I really do kind of like her." He says blushing. "Omg awww your blushing" I say pinching his cheeks. Wait did I just say omg. "Shut up" he swats my hand away. I giggle. "We're gonna go bye guys." Dakota says walking away with me still on his back. "Where we going?" I ask him. "My place, you haven't been over in a few days my dog misses you" He chuckles.

We get in the car and he pulls out of the school parking lot.
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