Where The Road Starts

With celebrities comes drama, and there is entirely too much of it in their lives already without the paparazzi following their every move. Andrea and Kyra never thought that their trip to Paris, France for a semester in school would turn into the most dramatic experience of their lives. Will the two girls find the boys of their dreams, or the men of their nightmares?

I am not a 'Directioner' nor do I hate One Direction. My friend asked me to write this therefore I am doing so. This is not my best work because my heart is not in it and I know there are many grammar mistakes -- sorry.


4. The School

My alarm rang and rang and rang. I reached over to press snooze when my hand slapped something soft.  

"What the fuck?" A female voice yelled.  

"What?" I ask groggily. Kyra was staring at me angrily.

"What?" I ask again, suddenly more awake. Sunlight was streaming through the windows and reflecting off the snow, making it sparkle. It's our first day of school today. Great. I slide off the side of the bed and fall to the floor. I then start crawling toward the third bedroom. I open the closet, get on my knees and grab my uniform and a pair of black tights (not leggings, tights). I then proceed to stand up and walk downstairs, still half asleep.  

"Morning." I say groggily.  

"Good morning darling!" Marie-Lise exclaims. I guess she's a morning person. I find a bowl, spoon, milk and the Kellogg's Kraves. I pour the chocolaty cereal into the bowl and then dump milk on top. I sit at the island and start scooping the cereal into my mouth. I finish eating and I head to the bathroom as Kyra emerges from our room looking beautiful. She had some knee-high black socks on and baby blue converses in her right hand, she straightened her hair, put some light makeup on. She looked like one of those mean prep school girls, but not in a way.  

I brush my teeth and curl my hair, I put BB cream on, some eye-liner, mascara and light blush. I then wrestle my legs into the black tights, put on my blouse and skirt, and grab my blazer in my left hand and black combat boots in my right. I run downstairs with just enough time to say bye to Marie-Lise, put my shoes on and bundle up against the cold.    

"You girls ready?" Jacques asks as he puts on his coat.  

"Yep." I respond and grab my cheetah print backpack. I walk out the door with Jacques behind me. We entered the elevator and it lurched as it descended. Right in front of the entrance there was a black Jeep and Kyra was sitting in the front seat. I can tell she's really impatient to get there. We get in, drive off to school and 20 minutes later, we arrive. Kyra and I get out of the car and wave Jacques off on his way to a bank near here where he works.   

The school, if you can call it that, is huge and looks exactly like you'd think a prep school would look like: buildings, pillars, buildings, multiple courtyards buildings and people EVERYWHERE. Each subject had its own building with a minimum of ten classrooms in each building.  

We couldn't even walk in a straight line to get where we want to go, no, we had to duck, squeeze and maneuver around groups of people. Most of which were silently judging you or blocking your way on purpose. The warning bell rings to tell the students to get to class and in a matter of seconds, the courtyard was completely cleared out until Kyra and I were the only ones left there.    

We were told to go to the main office to get our final and official schedules. It took us a good ten minutes to find it because we were searching the wrong building and then we got caught by a a teacher and we had to explain to the woman what we were doing out of class, ten minutes after it started. She led us to the office and knocked on a huge wooden door. (Commence google translating I'm really truly sorry it just makes the chapter flow better)  

"Entrer." A voice called. The teacher that discovered us poked her grey head of hair into the room and said,  

"J'ai découvert deux jeunes dames errant dans les couloirs alors qu'elles étaient censés être en classe. Elles disent qu'elles seront ici avec nous pour ce semestre. Elles disent aussi que vous avez voulu les parler avant d'aller en classe."  

"Oui, envoyez-les." He replied. The teacher retracts her head and says to us,   

"Vous pouvez entrer." She tells us and we do as she says. We enter the office and sitting on an enormous brown leather chair, was our new principal. Monsieur Pierre Leblanc. He's like the classic nice principal, beer belly, grey hair, smile lines, slightly wrinkled suit with no tie.  

"Salut les filles. Andrea et Kyra je présume?" He asked.  

"Oui monsieur." I replied.  

"D'accord, voici vos classes pour cette semestre. Nous avons essayer de vous donner une classe ensemble mais ceci as été difficile car vous êtes dans des différents niveaux donc la seule classe que vous aviez ensemble est le cours de danse que nous avons ici qui est une classe ouverte." He told us, handing us our schedules for the semester.  

"Cela c'est parfait monsieur Leblanc." Kyra said thankfully.  

"Bien. Nous avons quelques règlements majeur ici. Un, allez à tous vos classes à temps ou vous auriez un retenu. Deux, portez votre uniforme qui inclu aussi vos souliers," he says, looking down disapprovingly at my combat boots, "à tous les jours à tous temps sauf pour le cours d'éducation physique et le cours de danse. Pour ces deux classes vous serez donner ce que vous devriez porter. Trois, jamais et je dis jamais dans une façon ou raison es-ce que deux élèves de sexes opposite seront seul ensemble. Jamais. Comprenez-vous?"  

"Oui monsieur." I replied again. He looked at Kyra for her confirmation that she understands. She nods her head.  

"Bien, donc vous pouvez aller à votre première classe. J'espère de vous voir encore.  

"Merci monsieur." Kyra replied as we stood up and walked out the door.  

As soon as we stepped out of the office we parted ways. I headed to my math class and she went to her English class.  



The whole school filed into the hallways on their way to the cafeteria for lunch. I got pushed into the lunch line and somehow I was surrounded by really hot French guys. I bumped into the one in front of me and muttered "Sorry."  

"What? An American? It couldn't be!" He exclaimed sarcastically in a thick french accent.  

"Canadian actually." I replied.  

"You're not from around here are you, do you even speak French?." He demanded rudely.   

"No I'm not from around here and yes I do speak French." I reply in French. The guys around me did the "oh no she didn't" thing they do.  

"Let me show you around." He offered.  

"I'll have to decline."  

"Let me rephrase that, come, I'll show you around."  

"Again, I'll decline."  

"Let's try that again. I'm going to show you around, you're not going to say no and you're going to like it." He growled. Right as I was about to dignify that demand with an answer, Kyra appeared out of nowhere.  

"What's up?" She asks, not noticing the guy glaring at me.  

"Well this guy right here," I point at the guy in front of me, "lets call him Tyrone. Tyrone thinks that he's going to boss me around like a puppy and show me around. I'm almost 100 percent sure that he's going to force himself on me and violate Leblanc's rule number three."  

"Really?" She asks with interest.  

"Yes and telling by his jacket, he's on the ski team and do you know what happens when students violate rules set directly by the principal? They get kicked off the team. I'm guessing Tyrone is their star skier and he's going to have them win a big tournament that will brig glory to the school forever."  

"That would be terrible, wouldn't it be, Tyrone?" Kyra asks, finally catching on.  

"So whatever your name is, you take me out of the vision of my best friend right here, I will scream bloody murder and get you kicked off the ski team and/or expelled. Comprende?" He nods, "Great." I turn to the cafeteria lady watching the whole thing with a smirk on her face and ask, "Puis-je avoir un hamburger et une biscuit au brisures de chocolat."  

She hands me the two things with a smile. I walk away and wriggle my fingers goodbye in his direction. Kyra orders and follows my lead. We find two seats and sit down.  

"Really Andie? On the first day too." Kyra asks.   

"He was threatening my safety and I was surrounded by his friends!" I become very defensive.  

"I know but just next time tone it down a notch. I don't think that's what he was planning."  

"Are you in his mind? Do you know what thoughts run through the perv's head?"  

"No but the way he was looking at you contradicted what he was saying."  

"I hate boys." I groan sliding my head into my hands.  

"Well it iz a good thing you have us zen." A new voice rang out. A petite brunette sat down across from me and a willowy ginger girl sat across from Kyra.  

"I am Janine and zis iz Alexandra. Julie will be 'ere in a minute, ah 'ere she iz." The ginger girl said as an identical ginger girl sat beside the brunette.  

"I'm Kyra and this is Andrea." Kyra says.  

"Andrea, what were you saying about 'ating les gars?" Alexandra asks.  

"Captain Jerk-face of the ski team over there," I jerk my thumb in his direction, "commanded me to go for a tour of the school with him, alone, to like it and not object."  

"He does zat with beaucoup des filles 'ere." Julie offers.  

"Makes him even more of a dick-faced dirt-balled ass-hat." I rant.  

"A jerk." Kyra clarifies after the three French girls shot me looks of pure confusion.  

"Oui, zat would be 'im." Jacqueline certifies.   

"And when 'he starts, he doesn't stop until 'he haz you." Alexandra adds.  

"Oui, oui! Et, 'e really like a good chase, cela lui encourage à continuer!" Julie exclaims in horror.  

"I am officially doomed." I groan.  

"That would be correct." Kyra sighs.

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