Where The Road Starts

With celebrities comes drama, and there is entirely too much of it in their lives already without the paparazzi following their every move. Andrea and Kyra never thought that their trip to Paris, France for a semester in school would turn into the most dramatic experience of their lives. Will the two girls find the boys of their dreams, or the men of their nightmares?

I am not a 'Directioner' nor do I hate One Direction. My friend asked me to write this therefore I am doing so. This is not my best work because my heart is not in it and I know there are many grammar mistakes -- sorry.


3. Meeting place

Andrea's P.O.V.  

We got really lucky when the people who run the exchange program told us that there was a family willing to accept two teenaged girls into their house for five months. Well not really a family, more like a young couple. Jaques and Marie-Lise, our hosts, are really young and have a huge apartment with two levels!  

"Donc les filles, we have two extra bedrooms and a bathroom up these stairs. The one room has a queen bed and a bathroom right next to it but the other room is just a pull out couch." Jaques said excitedly. The two were giving us a tour of their apartment.  

"The kitchen is through there," Marie-Lise said, pointing through an archway. "Our room is through that one," she pointed to a closed mahogany door, "we're standing in the living room, the main room of the apartment."  

"The door to get out is that one?" I ask pointing to another closed mahogany door with several locks.  

"Yes." Jaques replied.  

"This is so cool!" yells Kyra. The couple laugh lightly.  

"It's exciting for us too. You girls can go get settled and if you need anything, don't be shy to ask."  

"Thanks!" Kyra grabs two of her suitcases and starts dragging them upstairs.  

"Andie!" Kyra screams from the sixth floor, "Where are you? You have to come here right now!"  

"Coming!" I yell back and with suitcases in hand, I follow her up the stairs trying not to bump into any walls.  

"This is gorgeous!" I exclaim when I walk into the room.  

"Yup," she replies, popping the "p" sound.  

"Look at this balcony! I can see the Eiffel Tower from here!"  

"I know!"  

"This is my bedroom now."  

"Um, no. Do you really think I'm gonna sleep on a pull-out couch for five months? Nh uh." She plops down on the bed to emphasize her point.  

"Alright but I get the side closer to the wall." And she nods in agreement.   

We unpack all our stuff. We use the closet in the third, unused, room for our main closet (because it was huge) and the one in our room, for our suitcases.  

"I can't believe we start school in France in two days!" I exclaim suddenly as I'm unpacking the school uniforms that we had to wear.  

"I know but at least the uniforms aren't tacky." She replied. We both laughed. They really weren't though. The school's color was baby blue. We had high-waisted, pleated, baby blue skirts over top of a white blouse and a black blazer with the school logo on the chest. The guy's one was black pants during the winter and khakis during any other time of the year, a black blazer with the school logo, a white collard shirt and a baby blue silk tie. The plus side was that we could wear the shoes we wanted and the accessories but we had to have those three components every day. I think they were thinking of getting the girls some pants too.  

I go to the kitchen where I find Marie-Lise drinking coffee. Very strong coffee by the smell of it.  

"Marie-Lise, es-ce que vous aviez du thé?" I ask.  

"Bein non! J'ai oublier d'en acheter!" She replies.  

"C'est correct. Me and Kyra'll just go buy some."  

"Non, non. Je peut l'acheter demain."  

"Do you know of any cafés or bistros that we could go to that are in walking distance?"  

"There's a nice café called Lenôtre around the corner that you girls can go to. I've seen some beau gas là."  

"Oh! We should go try it then?"  

"Définitivement et leurs pâtisseries are divine!"  

I walk into our room to find Kyra almost passed out on the bed. I open the French doors (see what I did there?) to the balcony. I could see the snow-covered Eiffel Tower in the distance and closer, more snow-covered apartment buildings.  

"These French people know how to live. This is the most beautiful apartment I've ever been in." I remark.  

"I know! But that's not why you're interrupting my nap and trying to freeze me to death." She replies.  

"Nope. Not one bit. I need tea and Marie-Lise says they don have any but she says that there's a café called Lenôtre around the corner with cute guys, you in?" I ask, closing the doors to the balcony. 

"Food and cute guys? Do you really have to ask me?"  

"Great! Lets go!" I grab her arm and physically pull her out of bed. It's January so it's pretty cold outside. We grab our coats and boots and I tell Marie-Lise that we were going to Lenôtre and would be back soon.  

When we walked out of the building, it was bitter cold outside. Our balcony was sheltered from the wind by other apartment buildings so it wasn't as cold. We head down the street in the direction our host mom told us to go. We quickly came upon a small shop with tables and chairs chained to a little fence. Through the windows I could see people drinking coffees and eating doughnuts. I walk through the door and am greeted by a gentle tinkling of a bell and the smell of freshly baked cookies. I inhaled the scent and sighed. I was rudely interrupted by a girl asking,

"Francais or English?" In a heavy French accent. It's heavier than Jaques' or Marie-Lise's.  

"English." I replied and ordered a tea and a "specialty doughnut" the girl at the cash called it with chocolate on the inside and soft caramel glazed on the outside. Kyra got a cappuccino and an enormous chocolate chip cookie.  We go to a booth at the back of the café and sit down at a booth.  

"Hey Andie, you know what this reminds me of?" Kyra whispers.  

"What?" I whisper back.  


"Oh. My. God. It does!"  

Timmies or Tim Hortons is a coffee shop that was created in Canada by the hockey player named Tim Horton. Hence the name. They are like a cheap, fast Starbucks. Its heavenly. Look it up. Now. Go. They have some in Michigan but almost none anywhere else.   At that moment, there's a commotion at the front of the café.  

"I think someone spilled a drink or something." Kyra narrates because I have my back to the front of the store. "It's a girl and a tall guy in a dark purple hoodie. The girl looks like she's going to faint. The guy gave her a piece of shiny paper. She gives him a hug? What the fuck?"  

"What? Really? I wanna see!" I say loudly and turn around the guy in the hoodie hears me and turns around and catches my eye. He winks and I stare open-mouthed. He smirks and orders. I look back at Kyra and she has her head in her hands and shaking her head slightly from side to side.

"It's Harry Styles I'm sure if it!" I whisper-yell to Kyra.  

"What!" She yells. The whole café, save two or three people, turn to stare at us.  


"I'm calm. I'm calm. It's the guy in the purple sweater? Oh my god! That's Jack Wills sweat-shirt! I can't handle this!"  

"I know! He's just so much hotter in person!"  

"You will flip right now."  


"Louis just walked in. He ordered. They are coming towards us. I repeat: they are coming towards us. Oh my god his dimples! His eyes!"  

"Ello girls." I look up at the person who said that and Oh. My. Fucking. God. He's even more perfect in person. The Louis William Tomlinson has acknowledged my presence on this earth. My life is now perfect.  

"Hi!" I distantly hear Kyra squeal.   

"Uh, hi." I never thought I would be the one to be starstruck but I guess I am.  

"Could we sit with you?" Harry asks.  

"Sure!" I say, trying to sound casual but my voice came out raspy and hoarse. I move over and stare at Kyra to do the same but she's just staring into Harry's eyes. I kick her under the table.  

"Ow! What was that for?" She demands angrily. I frantically motion to Harry with my eyes, hoping she'll get the hint. Realization dawned in her eyes and moved over closer to the wall, her face slowly turning redder and redder after am awkward silence, Harry says: 

"So, do you girls know the joke about the guy, the toothbrush and the dog?" Harry asks us after a bit of an awkward silence.  

"No." We reply at the same time.  

"Me neither." We all burst out laughing. It was a lame joke but it was a great ice-breaker.  

It turns out that Louis and I share a love for tea and a distaste for coffee. Harry actually wanted to be a girl so he could be an old woman, alone with 50 cats and get away with it without being dissed by the human race. Kyra argued that he did NOT want to be a girl and that he could be an old man, alone with 25 cats. Fifty, according to her, seemed like it was crossing some sort of line. They argued for a while while me and Louis talked and joked about our best friends being psychos. When they were done, Kyra had convinced Harry that he would not be alone and the only reason if that did happen was if all the girls in the world died and their bodies were transported to a different planet, would he be alone.If that were to happen, she made him promise that he would buy 25 dogs for her. Then, they started talking like normal people would. We all talked together and became friends of some sort. During that time, the café slowly became less busy and soon there was only one girl that came to look every so often around the corner, from where I'm guessing the staff room was.   "MY MILKSHAKES BRING ALL THE BOYS TO THE YARD AND DAMN RIGHT-" my phone rang on it's highest ringtone volume. I picked it up as quickly as I could.  


"Ou êtes-vous?" Jaques voice demanded. When I'm spoken to in French, I reply in French (habit from school).  

"Ques-ce que vous voulez dire? We're at the cafe Marie-Lise recommended."  

"Oui. C'étais à 12h. C'est quatre heure du après-midi!"  

"What!" I grab Louis' phone which was sitting on the table and checked the time. It was indeed four in the afternoon. We've been here for four hours? Why didn't they kick us out? Oh, what am I saying. Louis and Harry from One Direction are in their cafe, of course they wouldn't want us to leave.  

"I'm so sorry. Nous serons là dans dix minutes."  

"Yeah, juste reviens dans la prochaine heure si vous revenez." He says sarcastically and hangs up and I do the same.  

"Who was that?" Kyra asked.  

"Jaques. It's four. We left at noon. We have to get back now. He's pissed." She puts on her coat, scarf, gloves and hat. I do the same.

"You have to go?" Louis asked sadly.  

"Yeah, I'm really really sorry." I reply sincerely.  

"It's okay. Wouldn't want you to get in trouble." Harry added, winking at Kyra. Not so subtle flirting right there. I bundle up and walk out with Kyra hot on my heels but at the last minute I turn around and wave goodbye to the boys.   

We find the building and get into the elevator. Kyra presses the button to the 5th floor. The elevator lurches as it moved upwards towards our first scolding in a fair few years. The minute we opened the door to the apartment, we were engulfed in a hug by Marie-Lise. The second we were released, we met Jaques' hard stare.  

"Where where you girls all afternoon?" He asked in a steely calm tone.  

"We were at Lenôtre. I told you that." I replied.   

"No need to lie. Where were you really?"  

"At Lenôtre!" Kyra insists.

"Les filles, it closes at deux heures." Marie-Lise says gently.  

"They let us stay."  


"Because we were with Harry and Louis." I remarked.  

"Harry and Louis who?" Jaques asks.  

"Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson."  

"From One Direction?" Marie-Lise asks, not really believing us.  

"Yeah." Kyra adds.  

"Can you girls prove it?"  

"Did we get their numbers?" I ask my best friend.  

"No." She reveals sadly.  

"So, where were you girls really?" Jaques asks again.  

"At the Lenôtre!"  

Jaques sighed, "Since you girls won't tell us where you were for two hours or more, we'll have to ground you two until you girls get settled and realize that we won't put up with any of your teenaged shit."  

"What?" I yell, "That's not fair! I haven't been grounded for ten years!"  

"Well that's good for you."  

"You can't ground us." Kyra repeated  

"We are your parents and it says that we can do whatever we think will help you succeed in your school studies."  

"You grounding us won't help."  

"It will keep you out of trouble."  

"We weren't causing trouble in the first place!" Kyra insisted.  

"Just go to your room."  


"Now!" He roared. I look at him and Marie-Lise as if to ask them if they were serious. Marie-Lise looked at me sadly and Jaques was still fuming. Kyra grabbed my arm and dragged me into our room.  

"It's not fucking fair!" I growled.  

"I know hun but we really need to prove that we were at the cafe all afternoon." She replied.  

"I know. Can we call them?"  

"They're closed."  

"Right." We stared sulking in complete silence until we were interrupted by "MY MILKSHAKES BRING ALL THE-" Why do I even have that ringtone? I look at the caller id. An unknown number. I accept the call.  

"Hello?" I ask.  

"Hey it's Louis Tomlinson. We met at a cafe this afternoon."  

"Oh, hi Louis, what's up?" I ask as I put the phone on speakerphone.  

"Oh I just wanted to know if you girls wanted to come meet us back at Lenôtre on Wednesday?" 

"Sure! We'd love to!" Kyra replies quickly.   

"But we're grounded." I reminded her.  

"Why are you girls grounded?" Asks Louis.  

"Well you know how how we-" I started to recount but I was interrupted by another voice yelling: 

"Harreh! Give me back my Nando's! Louis! Tell Harold to give me back my Nando's! Right when I found one in Paris, Harry goes and takes it from me!"  

"Niall, calm down. Harry, give Niall back his food." He called back. It was slightly muffled; he probably covered the speaker. "Sorry girls." He said, uncovering the microphone.  

"S'alright." I reply.  

"Keep going. No! Harry! Get off me!" There was a lot of scuffling.

"Ello… Andrea!" Harry's voice said into the phone.  

"Hey Harry!" I squeal in a high-pitched, fake, girly voice.  

"Hi Harry!" Kyra adda. Someone covered the microphone again and there was muffled talking on the other line.  

"Oh! Kyra and Andrea! The girls we met today! Louis told me not to say anything embarrassing about him while I twalk sho you." His last words were muffled like someone probably covered his mouth with something.  

"Harry!" Louis shouted.  

"Get shour hand off mah fashe!" Harry yelled.  

"You boys okay?" I ask.  

"Yep!" They say together but Harry's "yep" came muffled.  

"Alright so can I continue my story?"  

"Yes." Louis replies.  

"Alright well you know how we spent all afternoon together without realizing it?"  


"Well apparently the cafe closes at two but they let us stay until four. Me and Kyra were thinking that it was because we were with you two. Now Jaques and Marie-Lise, we told you about them, are grounding us because they don't believe that we were at the cafe for two hours after it closed and they think we were out doing who knows what. Now we're grounded."  

"Ouch." Harry comments.  

"Yeah. We know." Kyra replies.  

"We could tell them." Louis offers.  

"No they won't believe you over the phone. They'll think we employed you two and filled you in on the story." Kyra explains.  

"We could go to their house and explain to them in person."  

"You would do that?" I ask excitedly.  

"Of course!" Harry exclaimed.  

"That's awesome!" Kyra squeals.  

"So what's their address?"  

"Um, I'm not sure," I say throwing open the doors and walking onto the balcony after shrugging on an extra blanket over my shoulders. Kyra does the same but doesn't come outside. I lean on the railing with the phone in my hand.  

"It's right around the corner from Lenôtre, my god it's cold out here on the balcony!" Kyra says as she comes outside and joins me after grabbing her glasses.  

"There's lots of buildings around here and they probably won't let you girls outside but why are you on the balcony?"  

"Yeah, and I like the fresh air." say trailing off. Across from our balcony, a guy comes outside, lights something and starts smoking it. He has dark hair and that's all I can see from this distance without my glasses. Another guy with dark hair comes out and joins the first one but doesn't start smoking.  

"Kyra, bring me my glasses, they're right behind you on the dresser." I ask. She brings them back and I put them on.  

"Those guys over there are hot if that's what you want to know." Kyra comments.  

"Thanks." She starts laughing really loudly. The second guy goes back inside.  

"Hey Harry, Lou, there are two pretty girls on a balcony across from us." A deep male voice says on the phone.  

"Thanks Liam," Harry replies and makes a big deal out of getting up, "but I'll be the judge of that since I have better vision than all of you!"  

"Funny." Liam replies. The second guy comes back out on the balcony with a third one with dark, curly hair.  

"Kyra! Do you see what I see! There's a third!" I exclaim.  

"I see it Andie! You're not dreaming!" She replies. Then a fourth comes outside. This one's wearing red horizontal stripes.  

"God! Andrea, Kyra, how have you girls been outside all this time!" Louis asks me.  

"I don't know! We have blankets on so we don't freeze to death."  

"Smart plan." There was some talking and then Louis says "Liam and Zayn want to say hi." The first two guys crowd around the guy in the stripes and they scream "hi". I hear I across the courtyard and through the phone.  

"Did you year that too?" I ask Kyra.  

"Yeah." She replies with a confused look on her face. I give her my phone, grab both sides of my blanket and start waving at the boys across the space separating us.  

"One of them's waving at us! Wave back!" A mixture of voices say through the phone. Then the guys on the balcony opposite of us start waving. Me and Kyra look at each other, shocked. I motion to the guys to stay on the balcony and we would be back in a minute. I grab a massive pad of paper that I had hurriedly stuffed in my bag before I left and grabbed a thick black sharpie and start writing. We go back onto the balcony and I hold up the pad of paper. It said KYRA -> the arrow was pointing towards her and once I herd the guys reading it out loud over the phone, I flipped the page and it said ANDREA <- the arrow was pointing at me. One the guys read it out loud, I threw the pad of paper back inside and waited. I grabbed my phone and said, "Did you guys figure it out yet?"  

"What? Andrea... Kyra... OH MY GOD!!!!" He screams and I hear it loud and clear.  

"We need to make sure," Harry says, "Kyra you do the chicken dance and Andrea you do the stop the traffic, let em through dance. Go!"  

I immediately start doing the stop the traffic, let em through dance while Kyra attempts the chicken dance whle trying to hold onto her blanket.  

"It is them!" Louis yells.  

"Hey Lou!" I say into the phone. Niall just came outside while we were dancing and had to be explained the whole ordeal by Zayn.  

"So can you prove it now?" I ask.  

"Prove what?"

"That we were with you guys all afternoon!"

"Yep. We'll just go through the courtyard after we track down the girl from the cafe." He replies like its obvious.  

"Okay, so go!" Kyra exclaimed.  

"Okay but you girls have to meet us at the front door." Harry bartered.  

"Fine but just come on!"  

"Alright, see you girls in a few minutes."   


And so our conversation of half an hour ended. The guys went back inside and five minutes later, Harry and Louis were all bundled up and making their way through the courtyard. Apparently all the apartments with this courtyard have back doors. They walked into our building and we dart down the stairs. When there's a loud knock on the door, I open the door and usher them inside. Kyra comes into the living room with some cookies in her hand from the kitchen cabinet. I flash a thankful smile at the boys for coming. Jaques comes into the living room, examines the scene before him and narrows his eyes.  

"Hello sir, I'm Harry Styles and this is my best friend, Louis Tomlinson."Harry said, putting out his hand for him to shake it. Jaques crosses his arms. Harry let his hand fall to his side. Harry clears his throat and continues, "We were with Kyra and Andrea all afternoon at Lenôtre. We have a statement from the girl working while we were there that she did indeed close up the shop two hours later than usual because she was new and didn't want to kick us out."  

Harry hands Jaques the paper with her story, signature and phone number in case he thought it was a fraud.  

"Fine. Girls you are no longer grounded. Thank you boys for clearing this up. You may go." Jaques decided and gestured to the door.  

"Bye." They said and left. Once Jaques locked the door behind them, he turned to us.

"I'm sorry but I'm new to this dad thing and thought it over and I was a bit harsh but I really don't want anything bad to happen to you girls. I don't want you hanging out with that boy band if you can help it. You girls will end up getting hurt if you become more than friends. Do me a favor and promise that you won't date those boys."  

"I won't date the boys from One Direction." I promised. Kyra echoed my words.  

"Thank you," He pulled us into a hug.  

So try not to like/date a member of One Direction. I can do that. I think…   

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